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Domenica 08 Ottobre 2017 13:12

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Viola Manuela Ceccarini, also know as “ViVi”, sure knows how to turn heads.

The brunette bombshell proved she’s still as sexy as ever as she posed in Central Park for Sevenpress .
For the shoot, Viola wore a gold choker, a vest with a v-neckline and yellow, red and blue striped vintage pants. Her makeup was completely on-point too: light purple lips, and a gentle smoky eye.


ViVi is currently working on the new episodes of her very own TV Show called “Fancy Talks”.
Her fashionable look is due to the fact that she grew up in one of the most influential capital of fashion: Milan, which inspired her to begin a career in fashion and television broadcasting.


Photo credit: Fernando Bravo

Article by Alessandro Cunsolo

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