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Local NYC Public Access Program Goes Citywide

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IMG 3504

The Advocates Corner with Clark Pena has been on the air in NYC for 3 years now but seen only on a local Manhattan Network.

On its 3rd year they are going City wide. 

“I’m excited” said Host Clark Pena. I have been asked by mainstream media to move the program to its network and that was never my intention. I want to continue to keep it simple.
He applauds the Manhattan Neighborhood Network for airing the Advocates Corner and for all the opportunities afforded to independent Producers. Clark also explained that he was not able to do this alone. Reverend Felipe Ayala has always been in his corner with banner and web design, Diane Cahill from Cahill Strategies has helped with Corporate Assistance, Brian Sampson, President of ABC Empire State with Content Assistance and so many others.
Clark states that he proud of the Product and the mission. He looks forward to many more years of programming to come.
You can email the Advocates Corner with Clark Pena at clarkpena@aol.com
Check your local listing for air time