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Mercoledì 07 Ottobre 2020 16:27

The Alfa Romeo brand has always been a close supporter of Italian talent: the encounter between the technical solutions that have made the brand’s fame around the world, the spirit of Italian culture, the mettle of the athletes and competitive resolve over the years have resulted in memorable successes in motorsport competitions, starting with its first Formula 1 victory in 1950 with Nino Farina.

That affinity continues with Antonio Giovinazzi, a young Italian driver instrumental in the development of the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen team, which is continuing on its pathway of significant growth.

Jannik Sinner: the many records of an Italian at the forefront of world #tennis

The same goal is now moving over to other fields of #competition: Alfa Romeo has become the #sponsor of Jannik Sinner, a promising #tennis talent who this afternoon faces Rafael Nadal, number 2 in the ATP rankings, in the quarter-finals at Roland Garros. A major challenge, taken on by Sinner as the youngest player in the top 100 of the ATP World Rankings: an encouraging record for a promising young talent ready to shine on the most prestigious stages. Alfa Romeo will bolster Jannik’s preparations and all his challenges, as a true teammate, supporting his style and sporting skills as his #tennis career takes flight. Today's match, a quarter-final in his first appearance, is not Jannik Sinner’s only record: he is the youngest Italian ever in the top 100 of the ATP rankings, having gained 685 places in only 12 months.

Passion and talent for a perfect match

As in Formula 1 with Antonio Giovinazzi, it is vital that progress and performance are both prominent and constant: a fundamental factor in any #competition. Alfa Romeo will support Jannik Sinner with great determination, in the conviction that his talent and tremendous passion will enable him to achieve extraordinary goals. A quarter-final at Roland Garros at the age of only 19 is exactly that. For Alfa Romeo, to witness his steady rise while aiming at bigger and better results is a mission but is most of all a source of great pride.

Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Sprint: the eye-catching, sporty versions

Alongside the champion from the South Tyrol will be the new Giulia and Stelvio in their Sprint trim. The line-up strategy provides for an intuitive induction into the world of the sports sedan and Alfa Romeo’s first SUV. It also means customers can select the model closest to their requirements and personality. And the Sprint trim, which recalls the brand's historical appellations, stands out for its distinctly sporty features, both inside the car and out.


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