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“The claim ‘Are you AMG-ready?’ sums up our transformation into a Performance Luxury brand. We are ready to redefine Driving Performance and open up our brand to new target groups. We combine the AMG spirit with the luxury of tomorrow’s lifestyle and will thus further strengthen the fascination for the #mercedesamg brand”, says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of #mercedesamg GmbH.

“AMG has such a great catalogue of amazing sports cars, it was a pleasure to create this work to celebrate that and to set the brand up for an exciting future with some cool talent,” says Rankin, who photographed and directed the work.

Content concept

In addition to numerous social media assets, the launch campaign includes one long film (60 seconds) and four short films (30 seconds each), each telling an individual story. They focus on four highlight vehicles from the AMG model portfolio: two historic milestones in the shape of the SLS AMG Electric Drive and the 300 E 5.6 AMG (“The Hammer”) as well as two current vehicles in the form of the #mercedesamg G 63 (fuel consumption combined: 14.4 l/100 km | CO2emissions combined: 330 g/km)[1] and the #mercedesamg GT Black Series (fuel consumption combined: 12.8 l/100 km | CO2 emissions combined: 292 g/km)1.
Under the umbrella term “Silence”, the SLS Electric Drive stands for technology, pioneering spirit, electrification and exclusivity.
“Sound” is the leitmotif for the V8-powered 300 E 5.6 as an unmistakable ambassador for the brand’s history and a coveted collector’s item.
The G 63 enters the race with “Strength” for lifestyle, timeless design, superiority and luxury.
And the most powerful AMG V8 production model, the AMG GT Black Series, embodies pure “Power” with authentic motorsports technology and maximum exclusivity. The film ends with a glimpse of AMG’s electrified future, Project ONE, and invites the viewer on the journey.
Visual concept and tonality

With the campaign, #mercedesamg introduces new imagery and a confident tone – freedom-loving and rebellious – and offers a glimpse of upcoming product campaigns that are set to follow over the course of the year for new #mercedesamg models.
The situations in which protagonists and vehicles are seen in the spots are unusual and surprising. Two questions always arise: How did the cars get there? And who is driving them?
In the SLS Electric Drive, a woman escapes from everyday life and seeks freedom in the desert – “Ride to Freedom”.
The 300 E 5.6 serves as a sound machine. The protagonist creates a track from the sounds and fires up the party.
The G 63 creates an oversized AMG wordmark by driving rapidly over splashing puddles of paint.
In the Black Series, a self-assured woman picks up her companion for a speed date of a special kind – the young gentleman with a classic bouquet of flowers and impeccable manners is more than surprised.

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