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Giovedì 15 Ottobre 2020 17:36

After starting production of the #cupra Formentor at the Martorell plant, #cupra has decided to boost the visibility of the first vehicle uniquely designed and developed for the brand.

The new model will become the official car of #worldpadeltour (WPT) and will be displayed at all of the professional padel circuit tournaments. In addition, the five #cupra padel ambassadors have been given their own customised version of the Formentor to drive.

The designation of the #cupra Formentor as WPT’s official car was made official during the tournament held in Barcelona, which was attended by #cupra Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations Antonino Labate, and WPT President, Ramón Agenjo.

Speaking on the announcement, Labate said: “The Formentor represents the essence of #cupra, a rapidly growing young brand that strongly identifies with the success story of padel. Our presence in this sport enables us to reach an audience with whom we share passion, determination and sportiness, as well as a contemporary lifestyle. With this new model we aim to exceed our initial goal of doubling our sales volume and reaching new international markets, and we want #worldpadeltour to be a part of this expansion.”

Furthermore, WPT President, Ramón Agenjo pointed out: “It is a great pride for us to be part of this unique adventure side by side with such a renowned brand. We see in CUPRA’s new proyect many of the values and principles that inspired #worldpadeltour since the beginning, such as the passion for sports, the need to offer an outstanding quality and the will to satisfy the most demanding customers. The launch of the #cupra Formentor, the brand’s first exclusive model, couldn’t get a better fellow traveler than the fastest growing professional #competition of the century”.

CUPRA in the world of padel

The announcement is part of the agreement between #cupra and #worldpadeltour, which last year made the car brand the premium #sponsor of all official WPT competitions until 2021. Padel fans will be able to enjoy the #cupra Formentor during all the matches, as it will be showcased next to the centre court.

CUPRA’s presence in the world of padel can also be seen on the court. The brand has formed a unique team of ambassadors with #fernandobelasteguin, #pablolima, #alejandrogalan, #alejandrasalazar and #arianasanchez. The five ambassadors, who are among the top ten padel players in the world, all sport the #cupra logo at tournaments on the professional circuit: “Like any member of the #cupra Tribe, I was looking forward to driving the Formentor. I’m convinced that this model is the perfect car for my lifestyle, as it combines the roominess of an SUV with the sportiness of a coupe. I’m looking forward to driving it on the streets of Barcelona” said Belasteguín.

At the end of last year, #cupra strengthened its presence in the world of padel by becoming the main #sponsor of the International Padel Federation (FIP). This collaboration aims to support the international expansion of the sport and its professional development.

A model with 100% #cupra DNA

The #cupra Formentor is the first vehicle developed specifically for the brand. The new model will arrive at dealers this month in its 310PS version and will feature a wide range of up to seven powertrains, including plug-in hybrid variants, starting next year.

The #cupra Formentor signals the brand’s entry into the CUV segment, which is expected to double its market share in Europe over the next five years. This high-performance crossover, named after the renowned cape of the island of Mallorca, combines the brand’s own DNA with cutting-edge technology, a dazzling and captivating exterior design, a detailed customised interior and advanced, high-performance engine options.