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Viola Manuela Ceccarini know on the program as “ViVi La Italiana” is officially taking over the Latin world with her explosive personality and funny Italian accent, adding an exotic touch & international flavor to her daily segment of fashion and entertainment news.

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Long time resident of Washington Heights the popular Dominican-Spanish neighborhood located in the upper Manhattan, has thought ViVi how to speak a fluent Spanish and the street slang, conquering the amiability of the Latin viewers of the show.

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OPCION NEW YORK is the Variety program aired on the international Spanish speaking Channel: Super Canal, broadcasted LIVE from Monday to Friday from 3-4pm ET everywhere in the United States & Dominican Republic through Super Canal Caribe on:

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SPECTRUM Canal 870
OPTIMUM Canal 1023
VERIZON Canal 1507
COMCAST Canal 620 And on Channel 33 in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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The TV show is hosted by the beautiful and talented Caroline Pimentel together with her co-host Sameuel Sanchez & Miguel Melenciano, news journalist and commentators and
ViVi is for the first time in her career, hosting a segment in Spanish language; covering entertainment news, celebrities gossip and introducing to the public, the most important events of the week.

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Producer Eddy Heredia takes care of the “behind the scenes” of the show, he proudly has 20+ years of experience at producing television shows.

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The new season of Opción New York is completely renewed with new segments focused on the new times of modern television.

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Don’t miss the show! No te lo pierdas !!

Dress & Shoes: Kilame designs of Celebrity Fashion designer Pamela Quinzi

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#supercanal #vivilaitaliana #manuelaviolaceccarini #violavivi

Source Instagram @iamviolavivi

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