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Martedì 14 Aprile 2020 16:33

#formulae has today announced it is teaming up with #unicef to support the global coronavirus appeal, protecting vulnerable children and families most at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

The #partnership will focus on keeping children around the world healthy and learning in the face of coronavirus, with funds being directed to projects such as those contributing to remote learning programmes and the supply of essential protective equipment for hospital staff and care workers on the frontline. Like #unicef, #formulae has a vision of a brighter future for children and young people, growing up on a cleaner and safer planet. As a global sport with a purpose to counteract climate change by accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, #formulae is naturally placed to use its platforms to raise awareness of UNICEF’s work to protect children against the effects of coronavirus. Working in #partnership with #unicef, #formulae will launch initiatives to raise funds in support of the global coronavirus appeal. These efforts will build upon an initial donation to #unicef from #formulae, to make an immediate impact on the charity’s work. UNICEF’s comprehensive response to the coronavirus pandemic includes tackling both the primary health and wellbeing of children and young people across the world, and a secondary impact of lost educational opportunities, as well as the discrimination and stigma which come from widespread misinformation. The impact of coronavirus on children so far has been huge. Already, a staggering 1.5 billion children are missing out on education due to school closures. With major disruptions to the global economy, many families risk losing their livelihoods and falling into poverty. This situation is unlike any the world has ever known.
Formula E’s donations, fundraising and support in raising awareness of UNICEF’s mission aims to change the lives of children across the world for the better.

To learn more about the #unicef #partnership, visit to make a donation to the global coronavirus appeal.


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