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Viola Manuela Ceccarini Better known as Viola ViVi on the internet, was born in Milan on January 10, 1989, is an Italian TV Host, actress, fashion writer and internet influencer.

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She grew up in one of the most influential capital of fashion which inspired her to begin a career in the fashion industry and in the television; Viola made her first steps as an interviewer-columnist for an Italian fashion Magazine, hosting and co-hosting events.
Through out her career she interviewed great artists, celebrities and fashion personalities,becoming known in the Milan’s fashion world.
In the year 2013, Viola, made a radical move for the sake of her life by moving to New Jersey in the May 6 2013 and then to New York City in the September 2014.

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Viola rapidly got involved in the Italian-Americans Community and had the chance to collaborate with different Italian-Americans tv and radio personalities, between Milan and New York City.
In August 2015, Viola started her collaboration with Si Italia Tv as a TV Host, Manager, and Assistant of Production for Stefano Santoro, leading figure in the Italian television community, whose project is to create the first Italian-American television dedicated to Italians in US.
Viola interviewed numerous artists, singers and personalities in the entertainment field, she hosted the most important Italian singing competition outside of Italy the 8th Edition of Festival della Canzone Italiana a New York

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The italian songwriter Ron (Rosalino Cellamare), the italian rapper Frankie HI-Nrg, the famous keyboardist and italian arranger Vince Tempera, The actors from the Rai’s tv serie “Un Posto al Sole”, the comedian Antonio Pandolfo, Francesca Alderisi ,italian TV Host for Rai International…
Viola participated to different Parades as an interviewer/reporter such as The Columbus Day Parade 2015 and also interviewed politicians and various Italian-american associations, politicians and lI Volo, the world wide known Italian pop trio, winners of The Sanremo Music Festival 2015 and gained a space on the Magazine “America Oggi”.

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Viola broadcasted a three hours live event / red carpet from Pennsylvania in occasion of the Carini I.O.D’s Ceremony, an international Italian no-profit association and hosted the Winter Film Award fifth annual Indie Film Festival in New York, the red carpet event focuses on diversity in Independent Film and emerging filmmakers from around the world.
One of her most recent collaboration was for Mr. Andrés Aquino, the renewed Fashion Designer, Producer and Founder of the Couture Fashion Week, the most prestigious fashion event in New York City! Viola presented the CFW and the Backstage; she hosted incredible guests and Celebrities, from international Fashion Designers to worldwide singers and fashion personalities: C?t?lin Botezatu, Shusma Patel, Finn Design (Fatou Ndene Ndiaye), Alexandra Popescu, Elcy Cortorreal, to name a few.
Viola is also a passionate fashionista who like to “discuss” about fashion on different magazines such LiveIn-Style, AlizéLaVie, Deamina Magazine etc…
ViVi is currently hosting a fashion show in English language called “Fancy Talks” up every Sunday on Si Italia Tv and was recently selected to be part of the jury for the Global Short Film Awards, reviewing all the short films from Italians and Spanish filmmakers and directors. For the premier edition, finalists and a winner will be selected in 2-D and 3-D formats in each category.
Along with being an internet influencer, Ceccarini has also debuted as an actress, she appeared on a number of different movies and TV commercials.


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Who is Viola in the everyday life?

“Viola is not a typical girl!! I am energetic and fun but also an independent and ambitious business woman. I don’t put limits on myself and I like the thrill of the challenge. Every day is a new beginning and an exciting opportunity to do better things for me and for others. I really believe that when you do your best people notice it and I always try do my best. I decided to dedicate myself 100% to my career and my personal life goals for this reason, at times I can be a little assertive and competitive; the thing is that as an Italian woman in this Country I have to stand up for myself, I have to fight for my beliefs and values; sometimes is like running a race, you have to give everything you have, all the time, for yourself. I am confident and I know exactly what I want, no one can stop me! I am very determined and a times a little stubborn in the journey of pursue my goals. If something goes wrong or not exactly according to the plan, I will always get back up and keep going, I am strong. Certain situations are never random, there is always a reason for everything happening in our lives, this is vibrant universe! One of my favorite quotes of all times is from the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and it says: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” and this is the truth. It all depends on what you can do and how you react to problems, we must be able to balance the emotions, trying not to leave space to fears and concerns, only to enthusiasm, joy, gratitude and self-confidence! I am personally trying to get the best out of every situation! I have so much energy and enthusiasm. I'm ready to leave a mark in this Country!”

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You work with is Italia TV, the first Italian-American television that will create a bridge between the US and Italy, giving space to young people, new ideas and emerging artists. Tell me about this idea,and how it will develop?

“Well said!! Si Italian TV is an Italian-American television based in New York City, a modern, innovative reality open to the creativity of young people, emerging artists and future generations. You can watch the TV online on The idea was born from Stefano Santoro the editor and chief of the tv, who has worked for many many years in the industry. Stefano felt the needs to introduce the Italian-american community to the world! He wanted to give us a voice. Our mission is to connect the Italian-American community outside and inside the United States with shows broadcasted in English and in Italian language; we want to be a bridge between United States and Italy, connect the two countries through one of the most powerful media in the world: television. The media will highlight the Italian-American community and its entrepreneurs through documentaries, sports programs, cooking shows, fashion debates, entertainment, religion, Italian lessons and so much more!”


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Born in Milan, and New Yorker by adoption. What is left about Italy?

“Despite I am living in the States for almost three years, I will never lose the sense of style and the good taste typical of our culture ...I have a weakness for good food (healthy especially!) and of course for fashion and glamor! I grew up in Milan, one of the world's fashion capitals, I am a 'Fashionista' or 'Fashion Guru', whatever you want to call me...Well you can not expect otherwise from me! hehe !! In Milan we are attentive to details, with a hint of criticism regarding the 'art of style'”.

Why did you choose the States and why New York?

“Living in NY has always been my dream and a personal challenge! I want to quote the verse of a famous song by Frank Sinatra "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" and this is the truth! New York has a unique vibe, this is the capital of the world where everyone is equal and respected, no matter who you are if you have a dream, ambitions and of course a plan the City is the right place for you! This is a place that either stimulates you to be humble and improve yourself or crushes you! I love it!”


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What is the best part of what you do?

“I want people to know me for who I really am and what I can bring to the community. I want to represent strong, independent and ambitious women worldwide along with the gay community which is always attentive to the new trends! To my opinion this is the best part of doing television, you are able to influence people in a positive way! Being able to stand in front of a camera is one thing…to talk genuinely is another. It’s not as easy as it might seem but it’s a fundamental part of this job. You can’t lie to the camera, if you are not yourself people will notice it”.

How many languages do you speak?

“My mother language is Italian but since I moved to the States I learned English and Spanish fluently, I think it’s important to know more than one language, especially in my area of studies communication and media. The knowledge allows you to reach a wider public, understanding the fact that half of the US population (and the world) speaks Spanish, opened me more opportunities. I want to be able to reach people, for example I had the chance to be part of the Spanish award ceremony for best Urban Artist 2016. I was there and I interviewed in Spanish, the event had bigger tv channels such Telemundo. We must be ready at the moment of the opportunity to grab it”.


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What's your recurring dream?

“I dream so many different things that I don’t remember...I do not have a 'recurring' dream at the moment, but every dream that I had in the past was revealing''.

Your experiences are many, but what do you feel most yours: entrepreneur, Actress, TV Host (TV presenter), fashion journalist or what? Where do you feel more “in place”?

“I have a big vision of myself working on a national or international television doing great things, possibly in the near future, I am not afraid to admit it since is the truth! I am working hard to achieve things and I am positive I will. I am really thankful to the opportunity Si Italia TV gave me because I am learning a lot from this experience. Responding to your question, I would say I feel more a tv host and then you can add to your list Fashionista and Fashion Guru. I love the entertainment field, I love films, music, fashion and the artistic expression of human beings. In fact I am also a fashion writer, I love to write and to express that side of me. I'm trying to open different doors; there isn't only a way to achieve things in life. You have to “risk it” and take different paths, gain multiple skills with an open minded attitude to new collaborations and future opportunities; obviously without loosing the focus on the main goal. I figure out what I want to do in life and I am going for it. It’s really simple I could die for what I believe in. The great thing about New York is that you can have several projects and develop them, grow professionally in various fields, the more you do the better you are!!”


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Tell me about your experiences as an actress?

“It all started by accident, I have been called to do a casting for a TV Commercial 90 seconds (television advertising) and the week after I discovered I was taken!
After this fantastic experience I said to myself why not to try...and so I started sending my resume to different agencies and casting directors; so have come other opportunities, one after the other, I was part of several films and infomercial, the reason is that I enjoy doing it! Usually on set you make friendships that can develop into collaborations, you always meet someone interesting. Usually the staff is very kind, always ready to help, it's nice to see how they all work together so efficiently; there are the make-up artists, the stylists so attentive to every single detail, they basically turn you into a different person. I once played the character of an eccentric lady with pink wig, fur and crazy glitter make up!! It is just amazing!!”


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Did you study to do these experiences?

“I have a degree in Communication Media and Television, I attended post production, film and directing classes at the Accademia Multimediale Europea in Milan. For my dissertation project I presented a short film called "Milkshake", entirely produced and filmed by me; the idea was quite brilliant, a multi cultural and multi ethnical teen-drama series set in Milan. I have always had friends from different Coutries, for example my two best friends in Italy are foreigners, I grew up with an open mind, that’s why now I am a perfect fit for New York City, my friendship with them inspired while I was writing the story-line, the short film was zero budget but very elaborate, it took me a lot of effort! I still remember that the teachers did not believe I had done it all alone; shortly after scoring the project I began to believe more in myself and in my abilities. I didn’t really study how to use Adobe Premiere, I learned by myself through youtube tutorials! I think that the technique is only a quarter of the work, passion and ambition is like 100%”.


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Do you feel more television journalist or a fashion writer? And why? What are the major differences?

“I would not call myself a "journalist" as my degree is in Media-Communications and TV Broadcasting. I like being in front of a camera so I would say that I feel more likely a TV presenter/personality and fashion critic! My personality together with the preparation allowed me to interview personalities of national and international importance!! One of my greatest inspiration Oprah Winfrey quoted: "there's no luck only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity”. I am devoted to that”.

Tell me any anecdotes about your work and some gaffes you did?

“Lots of gaffes if we want to stay honest, one of the worst was when I dropped the microphone during a live event...but you know what, we are all humans and it’s okay to make mistakes, otherwise how can we improve ourselves?”


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Are you in favor of the reality TV an why?

“Yes I do! I'd like to be part of one...I think the audience wants to see less fiction and more real life, of course, it always depends on what kind of reality show you are talking about, I am not pro trash TV that is for sure!”

What would you change on TV?

“I would show more products of quality such as movies and documentaries! I would definitely give more space to artists and emerging talents along with their innovative projects! I would reduce the commercial breaks (or remove it permanently). Medias in general should teach people how to think more creatively, stimulate them, open their minds to innovative ideas and to a positive/healthy lifestyle”

A celebrity you would like to interview at any cost?

“I have many idols and I would like to interview them all ha ha …but since I have to pick up one I would say: The singer of The Weeknd, which I am a fan girl! And I am not even 15 yo anymore. Following Will Smith, Karl Lagerfeld, Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, Anna Wintour, Christina Aguilera etc… These are some of the people who I admire the most and who have inspired me over the years; I would have thousands of questions''.


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Would you do again all the career’s choices you made?

“Yes I would! I would do them all over again, for the simple reason that I believe everything happens for a reason. bad things happen to guide you through the right direction; I think you have to take responsibility for the place you hold here on earth, you have to give everything you have all the time for yourself”.

Who will you be in the near future?

“As I mentioned, you will find me on a national television, in many movies and in fashion, that's for sure ... I have so many passions and I would like to combine them all together, doing what I love the most. In addition I would love to have my own line of beauty products and / or clothes! As I said I am really confident about myself so I'm not afraid to think in big! With a bit of determination and passion, here everything is possible”.

Strengths and weaknesses of your character?

“As qualities I would say that I am a sunny person, confident, independent and positive. As weaknesses I would say I am very stubborn, free spirit (in a meaning that at times I want to be left alone or hang around alone), instinctive, impulsive and no filters”.


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How important is the beauty of a woman to stand out and stay at the top?

“I think that personality, passion and drive are playing the main role in a successful woman. No matter how beautiful a woman could be, one day she is not going to be as beautiful; sooner or later the beauty fades, It’s like the most beautiful flower on tree, it doesn't last…but what is lasting, what is real is who you are and what you are meant to bring, what is the gift you are willing to offer to this world, what is your talent”.

Romantic and sentimental or fierce lioness?

“I would say a dreamer lioness! I am fierce and independent, nobody can deny it! Actually, since my favorite animal is the bengali tiger I would say I am a tiger! Those animals are so precious, they represent the strength and beauty, that’s why I chose them to represent me. But I also have a part of me which is creative and dreamy, I often get lost in my own world”.

How is your ideal man? Muscles or head?

“My prince charming must be intelligent, ambitious and has to be a good cook since I am not really. I'm attracted to fashionable men with a lot of style and a great smile! He needs to be attractive (at least for me), if he is in good shape it’s a plus, he doesn't have to necessarily have muscles. I like a man who knows how to take care of himself. Last but not least: I like to receive full attention, my future man will have to, pretty much, treat me like a queen!”


What is love for you?

“Love is understanding each others and look in the same direction, love is balance and understanding. Love happens in a magical way, there are no reasons involved just a mix of wild emotions! However, I believe that trust, patience and supporting one another are the fundamentals of a long life love”.

Are you good in the kitchen? your specialty?

“Last time I cooked (in a serious way, not noodles) was two years ago...I cooked lasagna for my American’s friends! I can be a good cook if I carefully follow the recipe the problem is that I don't really like it, I prefer if someone cook for me, I’m like a princess”.

A romantic place to go?

“La Marina in Egypt! It's a stunning place, elegant, romantic and extra luxurious. There are tons of fun attractions out there, you're surrounded by the water, yachtes, resorts and fancy restaurants; The evening is something magical, when the sun goes down the bay is lighted up by millions of colors. You can smoke an hooka or have dinner on a rooftop with the breathtaking view of the bay, while the sea breeze is caressing your face! I believe that every place can be romantic, if you are in the company!”


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What are your hobbies in your spare time?

“I like to have my personal time and take care of myself! I am into meditation or If the weather is nice I am lying on the grass of Central Park reading a book. I am a creative person and nature lover. sometimes I draw or write poetries”.

Any plans for the near future?

“The upcoming project is the Global Short Film Awards (GSFA). And as I already mentioned my most imminent project is "Fancy Talks" a talk show self-produced by me! As you can tell by the title, the show is focusing the attention on fashion, glam, beauty and lifestyle although the theme "fashion" will be discussed in an alternative way (for instance, not like the typical fashion and lifestyle talk shows). New York City boasts some of the most exclusive events in the world, and I will bring you around with me! Then I will be brutally honest regarding New Yorkers’s styles choices, with a focus on the Milanese high fashion trends! ... We will have fun together!!! In the meantime, I invite you all to check my YouTube channel: Viola ViVi, please leave me a comment and subscribe, then follow Si Italia TV! I also take this opportunity to leave you my instagram and Facebook as its_queen_vivi (instagram) and ViVi (Facebook)”


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Is there anyone you want to thank in particular?

“I want to thank those who believed in me and continue to do so! The friends who were by my side no matter what to support me; to those who have disappointed me and helped me to become a better person. to those who have been disrespectful to me so that I could grow stronger”.

photos: Rafael Sanchez (stylist Fnndesign Fatou Ndene Ndiaye), Mike Dickson, Alfonso Perugini, Il volo

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