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Great success in Cannes on the Red Carpet for the beautiful TV producer and editor Giulia Deamina PDF Stampa E-mail
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Once again, Cannes has seen parading Miss Giulia Deamina on the Red Carpet the beautiful TV producer and editor of the printed and online magazine "Deamina Magazine”.

She's also well known for partnering and organizing some of the most exclusive luxury events around the world, from the beautiful Cote d'Azur (French Riviera) between Cannes and Monaco to Paris, New York and Los Angeles.
Miss Deamina is mediapartner with Italian Festival Movie Award at Pavilion Italia at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, together with the Italian producer Carlo Fumo and Luca Abete, show man and tv presenter at the Italians favorite tv show Striscia la Notizia.
Deamina has recently organized and sponsored the Global Short Film Awards in New York & Cannes, 2016.
The GSFA recognizes excellence in short films under 15 minutes long in a variety of subjects; all nominated films were viewed by an international jury, comprised of leading professionals and talent, which Miss Deamina was part of as a professional in the field of media-journalism and film critic.
The celebration continued on May 21 in France at the unforgettable and glitzy Cannes Red Carpet Fashion and GSF Awards Gala, which took place at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel to celebrate the winners accomplishments selected from 1400 submissions and 81 Countries and to showcase the new collections of extraordinary designers from all around the world; to name a few: Nancy Vuu famous for the luxurious and adorable kid’s dresses and some international houte couture designers such Aniesse Hasibuan, Fatou Ndene Ndiaye (Fnndesign) and many more.

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The Festival is over and Miss Deamina is already working on the next project: the new edition of her homonym magazine “Deamina Magazine”, full of interesting topics and international content.
Giulia is getting ready for some of the major upcoming events such: The Grand Prize in Monaco and Milan Fashion Week, Paris and London.
Fashion is a passion of hers, reason why in September, she will fly all the way to New York City in occasion of the Couture Fashion Week 24th Season, to organize the event along with her media-partner and director Andrés Aquino which is also the founder and producer of the Global Short Film Awards.
Starting from September 2016 we will discover the American side of Giulia, since she has to come overseas due to various collaborations with few Italian-American production companies and her most exciting project will be starting a new television productions directly from New York, for Italians living in the states!!Grande successo per l'editrice Giulia Deamina Sul Red Carpet a Cannes.

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