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The rain did not stop hundreds of party goers from embarking on a ship for the Global Alliance of Hispanic Law Enforcement Professionals Dinner.

NYPD Sgt. Johnny Nunez who heads the organization also honored one business leader and one community leader at this well attended gathering.


Before the attendees boarded they were pleasantly surprised with a handsome gym bag courtesy of Treatment Partners of America.  
They will soon be offering members of service a place to go to receive treatment needed to overcome addiction.


Information was also distributed from "El Abogado Del Pueblo " William Ricigliano. Finally Tender Tots Child Care Centers were on hand giving out calenders and yoyo's to all.
Honorees of the event were Mr Clark Pena director of inter-governmental Affairs L.A.C.A and Media Consultant at Yes Public Relations and Mr. Rafael Alvarez president CEO at ATAX, one of the fastest growing tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll franchise in America.
While sailing a beautiful rainbow appeared just adding to the success of this event. The music was amazing, the cigars were magnificent and the company superb.

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The event was covered by international press, hosted by the Italian journalist Viola ViVi and her show Fancy Talk.
Congratulations GHALEP, Sgt Johnny Nunez and Board. Job well done !
Look forward to joining you next year once again.


Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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