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Giovedì 09 Giugno 2016 06:45

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At 3:05 pm today, Mr President Obama landed at J.F.K International Airport, leaving everyone speechless with his triumphal entry!

Mr President’s surprise visit caused a huge traffic jam through the crowded New York’s streets and Avenues.

A huge deal for the “already-busy” NewYorkers who had to pause their fast lives for a second and devote their attention on the unusual/exciting event!

And I was there, waiting so impatiently to see President Obama for the first time!

Unfortunately my phone’s battery was so low that died a couple of minutes before Obama made his big entrance.

Even though I was with no electronic devices in my hands, I miraculously managed to gather evidence of his appearance in The City.

All the credits for pictures and videos goes to Anna Bianco, a beautiful Italian-American girl of 12 years old.

Anna played a key role in the success of this article, doing for a wonderful job, providing a full reportage with her i-pad.

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Below you can see the exclusive schedule of his day in New York City:

3:05PM           THE PRESIDENT arrives New York, NY

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Open Press

4:15PM           THE PRESIDENT tapes an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York

Travel Pool Spray

5:20PM           THE PRESIDENT participates in a DSCC roundtable

Private Residence, New York, New York

Closed Press

7:50PM           THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and takes questions at a DNC event

Private Residence, New York, New York

Print Pool Coverage for Remarks Only

9:35PM           THE PRESIDENT departs New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Open Press

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