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Mercoledì 22 Giugno 2016 12:23

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The NYFRadio 2016 was a great success and an unforgettable experience for all the attendants and winners!

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Our formidable team of professionals was there, representing our Magazine, ready to spread joy and professionalism with the TV show dedicated to NYC's most exclusive events under the name of "Fancy Talks" broadcasted in Texas USA on digital for Televiva Houston.
The Tv show is produced, edited and hosted by Viola M Ceccarini (ViVi) in collaboration with the video maker Paulo Mizhquiri and assistant of production Michael Jones. (see picture)
This year the United Nations were attending the event New York Festivals is one of the most tough and exclusive competition to win in the industry, this year as every year is honoring the World’s Best Radio Programs reserved only for the world’s best work in radio!
The award-winners of the competition were announced last night June 20, 2016 at the New York City’s Manhattan Penthouse, a certainly beautiful location with a breath taking view of 5th Avenue.

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The party started at 6pm with a Cocktail Reception followed by a Dinner & Awards Presentation with delicious gourmet food and great entertainment. This was a much more intimate event than their 2016 New York Show, typically 11-15 tables total of international radio executives, as well as members of the United Nations.
The ceremony ended around 11pm at night with a Champagne Reception and interviews to all the award-winners!

This competition is a great showcase for radio programming and promotions in all length and formats from: radio stations, networks and independent producers from literally around the world.

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The NYF World’s Best Radio Programs has also the best Art-Deco Radio microphone trophy!! Their unique trophy is a “must have” on everyone’s desk.

This year’s winners, as well as prior year’s winners can purchase an additional radio microphone trophy, using personalized credits.

The festival is judged every year by an international jury comprised of leading professionals and talents in the field: award winning directors, producers, writers, reporters and radio industry experts.

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A special thanks goes to Gayle Mandel which made possible the realization of this one of a kind event and thank you to Mr. Michael O'Rourke president of the Festival for the opportunity of participation and great welcoming.

Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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