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Mercoledì 14 Settembre 2016 12:41

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Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and there was no shortage of fashionistas parading around New York City and on the red carpets showcasing their best looks.

The masses can gather fashion inspiration from the glamourous style seen off runway; it showcases trends in true ready-to-wear fashion, as opposed to runway looks that focus on a higher fantasy visual.

This season was delightfully more casual, seasonably appropriate, and very wearable. A few trends jumped out at me as I scoped out photos from the past week. Below, I have rounded up my favorite NYFW red carpet and street style looks for the fall/winter 2016 season.

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Breaking the model mold.

If you’ve been observing 2016 New York Fashion Week, you’d notice that some designers are choosing to use “real” people to kill it on the catwalk.

“This season, we wanted to explore the idea of heritage, iconic pieces and the deep connection we have with our customers," Jenna Lyons, creative director and president of J.Crew said in a Sunday, September 11, release. "And because we feel personal style is so important to this concept, we chose a different approach with the models for this show. They are friends of the brand, members of our team and all people we admire. They range in age from 13 to 70, with style from classic to eclectic. They’re students and parents and grandparents; professionals, artists, teachers and activists. Each one has their own unique style and beauty, and it has been an incredible experience to approach a 'fashion show' from this point of view.”

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“Approaching 40 and being a size 12/14, you never imagine that you'll participate in any show; especially during New York Fashion Week," the director of special projects for Planned Parenthood told Essence. "I tried on three beautiful outfits that I'm excited about. But, the whole feel of the garden and fantasy is really exciting; especially for a non-model. It feels like a day of beauty and pampering."

Christian Siriano opened his catwalk to an array of models with different body types. Though he’s blazed a trail for diversity

Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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