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Mercoledì 21 Settembre 2016 21:52

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Don't miss this out! Come and join Westchester Fashion Week:

A celebration of fashion, art and entertainment with Joe Corbalis, Viola ViVi and Livein-Style Magazine.

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Westchester Fashion Week will be held this Saturday Sept. 24th from 6pm to 10pm. Purchase college for Yonkers a Community Center and Art Gallery will be the venue 16 Warburton Ave. in Yonkers. This years show features 7 designers. 2 children's clothes, 2 Urban Wear, 2 dresses and gowns and a jewelry designer.

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Westchester Fashion Week welcomes Artist Gloryvette Rodriguez, Olga Klymyk and many more, the Art gallery will be filled with the work of both local and regional artist; WFW will see 5 singers performing on stage, including the 2016 Yonkers Idol winner.

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Hair and Make Up Artist courtesy of Ana Maldonado Vale Galindo.
The fashion event is presented by Joe Corbalis founder & owner of Rough Around the Edges: Marketing, Media and Events.

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Westchester Fashion Week, this year, is proud to welcome as Guest Host & MC Viola M. Ceccarini! 'ViVi' is a tv personality, fashion writer and producer of the tv show Fancy Talks, broadcasted on 1993 Time Warner Cable every Friday at 5pm!

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Mr. Joseph Ralph Fraia Editor and Cheif of LiveIn-Style New York will also be there to present the 4th issue of the Magazine with the collaboration of ViVi! If you want to know more about it, check the new issue of Livein-Style Magazine ( dedicated to The Contemporary Art.

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See you at Westchester fashion Week!

Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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