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Martedì 29 Novembre 2016 21:24

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Are you a home-made wine lover?

The Homemade Wine Extravaganza is a wine competition that takes place every year at Verdi’s Restaurant in Wesbury, Long Island.
This wonderful event is presented by Rita Monte which is also the creator and the organizer.
The dinner begins with a rich buffet of delicious appetizers and wine tasting at the main table followed by engaging live performances by Joe Nastasi.

Wine producers are welcome to enter the competition with a ‘red or white’ wine, (one gallon per entry). A panel of expert sommeliers are in charge of judging and ultimately deciding who will be the winner.
Special guests of the night: the Italian American Women Center of Great Neck in Long Island. The Italian Women Center is a non-profit organization which helps promote Italian language and culture; other important guests were Darren Dione Aquino advocate for people with disabilities and the talented Italian singer Simona De Rosa, who delighted us with some of her songs.

A prayer was recited by Gemma, to remind us the value of faith, health and mutual love.

This is the first and only homemade wine competition in the New York.
The Homemade Wine Extravaganza it is not only a wine competition, is a pretext to eat well, enjoy some good wine, dancing non-stop, win prizes in the company of friends and family.

Photographer of the night was Mike Ferrante.

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