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Filippo Feel Cavalca’s Visual Art for Erreà Sport and Erreà 3D Wear Spring/Summer 2017 ADV Campaign PDF Stampa E-mail
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Martedì 28 Marzo 2017 12:24


For their new Campaign Erreà Sport and Erreà 3D Wear picked Filippo Feel Cavalca.

The New York-based award-winning photographer portrays daily life scenarios of two outdoor sports enthusiasts and transforms them into a sequence of film sets. And this comes as no surprise, given Filippo’s acclaimed career in filmmaking both in Europe and the US. “Approaching photography is a natural predisposition that belongs to everyone who makes films” is the motto that introduces the Photography section of his Production and Post-production Company – called Feel For Films (

The Campaign, which was shot over two days last November, first appeared in the January issue of Correre magazine in Italy and is running worldwide. It is set against the suggestive backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City. The urban setting and the – at times – brutalist aesthetics of the Park’s sport facilities provide the background to Erreà Campaign new faces – the personal trainers Liliane Barros and Ryan Marek.


In the shots Filippo masterfully conveys the confidence of the models and designs a campaign imaginary that connects with consumers by demonstrating them how Erreà Sport and Erreà 3D Wear gears are engineered for functional athletic training in different sport disciplines. Erreà innovative technical-athletic apparel and the sophisticated fabrics of the 3D Wear line are indeed renowned internationally.

Filippo wanted Ryan – who has modeling and acting experience – and Liliane – who is a debuting talent – as the characters of the Campaign for their fresh and natural attitude in front of the lens. The result of the work behind and in front of the camera is a perfect encounter of sport and visual art. The athletes are portrayed as modern heroes against a grandiose and silent skyline.



Brand: Erreà Sport and Erreà 3D Wear

Photographer: Filippo Feel Cavalca

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

New Faces: Liliane Barros and Ryan Marek

Article by Viola Manuela Ceccarini

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