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SERATA EVENTO CON LA GUEST STAR FRANCESE DJ MARTIN SOLVEIG Venerdì 1 Giugno 2012  al Covodi Nord Est ( ; 0185290348 ) serata evento con la Guest Star mondiale in consolle , il dj francese Martin Solveig , uno dei massimi performer mondiali , coadiuvato dal dj set del locale.È iniziata la Covo Revolution! Riserva il tuo ingresso libero e consumazione facoltativa iscrivendoti alle liste nominali tramite il form online o prenotando un tavolo. Altra grande novità di quest’anno è il Buffet Royale a 25 € con consumazione inclusaPer informazioni e prenotazioni tavoli: +39 348 9822880Il Covo di Nord Est ha intrapreso una campagna di sensibilizzazione a favore dei giovani relativa alla problematica della guida dopo aver assunto sostanze alcoliche: “L’autista beve il doppio, ma solo analcolico!”, è l’iniziativa che premia l’autista di ogni veicolo, al quale verrà consegnato un braccialetto identificativo e due consumazioni analcoliche.
La serata è realizzata in collaborazione con Kuadra, società leader nel panorama italiano del Cleaning e Facility Management.  It was just one record that catapulted Martin Solveig from a well-respected DJ into one of the most formidable producers and performers in the world. ‘Hello’ has now sold over 2 million copies and earned a global recognition, achieving platinum status in America, Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as going twice platinum in Canada and in Australia... His music videos are renowned as by far the best in their class and his performances continue to electrify audiences in every corner of the globe. With his fourth studio album “SMASH” still seeing its release territory-by-territory, Martin continues to draw us into a world of pure and unparalleled fun…Martin Solveig’s journey from playful DJ to superstar music maker is as animated as the man himself, so let’s indulge in a spot of history… still in the making.Like so many, Martin’s love affair with music began at an early age, influenced by luminaries such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder and Serge Gainsbourg. His eccentric taste and non-conformist attitude have been the backbone of what he is today – a multi faceted artist. He sings, he produces, he deejays, he acts and occasionally he dances too as well as a spot of tennis.Aged 21, Solveig started his own label called Mixture Stereophonic & released ‘Heart of Africa’. The track went on to sell 10,000 copies, offering a clear signal to Martin that a career in music was well worth pursuing. Martin’s first album, “Sur La Terre” released in 2002, achieved critical acclaim and enabled the Parisian to work with Salif Keita for whom he remixed ‘Madan’, one of 2003’s biggest club anthems. The afro-disco bomb as well as Martin’s new funk driven ‘Rocking Music’ both helped to catapult his career to a whole new level.Next up came the “Hedonist” album, packed with a ream of hit singles such as ‘Everybody’, ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Rejection’, and indicating quite clearly that Martin Solveig had well and truly arrived. “C’est La Vie”, Martin’s 3rd studio album, was his biggest to date, selling in excess of 300,000 copies and winning over fans from far and wide.In 2009, Martin was presented with two of the most prestigious accolades any Frenchman could hope to win – the ‘Chevalier Des Arts et Des Lettres’ for his contribution to the arts, and the ‘Artiste de Musiques Electroniques de l’Annee’ award at the French Victoires de la Musique – further testament to his ever-growing popularity and truly forward-thinking music style and creativity.As 2010 was drawing to a close it became very clear that “Hello” would be his biggest career landmark to date… that is until now… The genius creation that is the SMASH YouTube series, Solveig’s own, came to define a new breed of music videos, signalling Martin as a creative force, more powerful than most of his contemporaries – regularly described by many critics as being “in a league of his own”.First came the legendary Roland Garros stadium, then the incredible Stade De France, a rooftop pool in Singapore as well as sequences shot in Japan. There really is nothing to halt the series from going on to achieving so much more. And this is without touching on the soundtrack that accompanies each episode.“SMASH” is a modern day masterpiece, bursting at the seams with pure fun, frivolity and all capped off with timeless trademark sounds. Involving the undeniable talents of Dragonette, Bloc Party front man Kele, Sunday Girl plus US whirlwind DEV – it brings Martin to new and dizzying heights.

With Solveig’s magic and finesse for producing music so easily accessible came the demand from the biggest names in music, and right at the front was most successful female recording artist of all time - Madonna. The latter half of 2011 saw Martin Solveig achieve what is surely every pop producer's dream, immersing himself in the production of what will be Madonna’s 12th studio album, entitled M.D.N.A. The lead single from said album, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, a Solveig produced masterpiece, is just one of 6 cuts that will surely cement the Frenchman as a solid production force in an industry that seems intent on exploding. Dance music meets pop is well and truly here, and Martin Solveig is all over it.
2012 will be like no other for the unassuming master, whether it’s headlining festival stages, including a debut performance at Coachella, or performing on national TV the world over for millions of viewers. Everything the man approaches, he does with the same intensity and flare that has spanned his entire career; he has an innate ability to make each and every person in a room feel welcome, invited and free of inhibitions. At the end of the day this boils down to one thing, Martin Solveig is one of the most exciting and talented performers in the world. Martin Solveig. Profilo.Martin Solveig, pseudonimo di Martin Picandet (Parigi, 22 settembre 1976), è un disc jockey e produttore discografico francese, specializzato in house music.Gli esordi A 13 anni riceve i suoi primi dischi, e comincia così ad interessarsi alla dance music piuttosto che alla musica classica, che stava in quel momento studiando. Effettua i suoi primi residence al club parigino Le Palace con il supporto di Claude Monnet.Martin Solveig si spostò successivamente al club Les Bains Douches dove lavorò con DJ del calibro di Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez e Bob Sinclar. La sua popolarità crebbe con numerosi passaggi al Queen Club sia come DJ che come art director.

L'inizio della produzione musicale

Martin Solveig cominciò presto la sua produzione musicale. Attraverso la sua personale etichetta, realizzò due singoli, "Heart of Africa" e "Come With Me". Questi singoli combinano tonalità dance all'utilizzo di strumenti tradizionali. Bob Sinclar gli chiese quindi di partecipare al progetto Africanism che combinava musica tribale a musica elettronica. Successivamente creò il singolo "Edony" che gli diede il consenso mondiale.

La maturità

Nel 2002 creò l'album Sur La Terre, che contiene sia "Heart of Africa" che "Edony". L'album fu rilasciato inizialmente dalla Universal Music. Un altro singolo degno di nota dell'album è "Linda" dove Martin Solveig effettua un tributo a Fela Kuti e Serge Gainsbourg. L'album uscì nel 2004 negli Stati uniti. Nel 2003, collaborò con Salif Keita per "Madan" che scalò vertiginosamente le classifiche del settore, specialmente in Francia, Italia e Grecia. "Rocking Music", dove si sentono chiaramente tonalità punk ed utilizzo di chitarre, raggiunse la Top 40 in Australia nel febbraio 2004. "Madan" e "Rocking Music" sono state entrambe inserite nel secondo album, Suite. Importanti singoli successivi sono: "I'm A Good Man", "Everybody" e "Jealousy". Nel 2008 remixa la traccia Dégénération dell'icona pop francese Mylène Farmer. Nel 2011 partecipa alla produzione del dodicesimo album della cantante americana Madonna intitolato MDNA che esce nel marzo 2012.
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