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Scritto da Viola Manuela Ceccarini   
Giovedì 30 Novembre 2017 23:34

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Don Pittman (aka Mr. Don Photos) better known as the Triple Threat for his expertise of a life long career as a Hairstylist, Make Up Artist and Photographer envisioned bringing together Models, Designers, Make Up Artists and Photographers all under one roof for a photo Shoot-A-Thon.

Our event title "NYC Shoot-A-Thon" is derived from the phrase "photo shoot" and word "marathon" because our event has multiple photography sets, simultaneously set up where professionals can enjoy nonstop photography shoots anywhere from 12-24 hours.


As a photographer putting together a professional photo shoot can be as costly as $1,500 for a four-hour session. NYC Shoot-A-Thon, makes a professional shoot affordable and instructional by providing all of the essentials and creative sets for a professional shoot, accomplished at and below average affordable rate. Images are distributed through a photo Sharing Process. NYC Photo Shoot-a-thon only takes place 4 times a year, a key opportunity for up and coming talents that are in need of New portfolios, Comp cards, Magazine submissions, Head-shots, new contacts and networks.

If you would like to participate in the NYC Photo Shoot-a-thon,  please give Mr. Don a call today at 917-282-4331

Www. MrDonPhotos. Com Www.NYCSHOOTATHON. com





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