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“I was born in the Italian fashion capital of the world: Milan, I grew up watching MTV with my sister, dreaming of living in the USA…one day.”

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Viola is an Award Winning Italian TV Host, Fashion Journalist & Author.
She grew up in one of the most influential capital of fashion which inspired her to begin a career in the fashion industry and in the television broadcasting.
At the age of 17, after getting her high school diploma her mom sent her to study English abroad, she stayed 3 weeks in New York with a friend and immediately felt inspired. The minute she saw the glitzy lights, the tall buildings and the busy streets she fell in love with the City.

“In New York everything is possible! I remember my eyes were filled with stars and excitement…I had a feeling never felt before, a deep excitement, a sense of power and freedom.”


I made a promise to myself to go back one day and make New York my home…
Three years later, I graduated in Mass Media Communication and TV Broadcasting at the European Academy of Multimedia (Accademia Multimediale Europea ACME) specialized in visual arts and multimedia production.
After graduating, I started my first internship/job as an interviewer-columnist for an Italian printed and online Luxury Magazine, hosting and co-hosting events in the Milan’s nightlife.

“I was available 24/7, on call, I remember a lot of sleepless night staring at the screen of my computer…. I was just giving my best, working really hard.
I was in charge of designing the company logo for a real editorial fashion and I didn’t receive a cent for it... I also created a logo, first by hand then computerized, that was then printed on t-shirts and worn by Celebrities,VIPs, singers and reality tv. It brought fame and press to their company and was responsible for increasing their visibility and profits overall… BUT didn’t benefit me much… When I discovered that they didn’t credited me for all the work done, I decided to quit and move to the USA.  
That for me was a huge turning point in my career, I really felt frustrated and unappreciated. It was unfair because they were demanding a lot of work and I guess because I was younger and naïve they took advantage of the situation.


In the year 2013, Viola, made a radical move for the sake of her life by moving to New Jersey in the May 6th  2013 and then to New York City in the September 2014.
Viola rapidly got involved with the Italian-Americans Community and had the chance to collaborate with different Italian-Americans TV and Radio personalities, between Milan and New York City.
In August 2015, Viola started her collaboration with Si Italia TV as a TV Host and Assistant of Production. Viola interviewed numerous artists, singers and personalities in the entertainment industry, she hosted one of the most prominent Italian singing competition outside of Italy the 8th Edition of “Festival della Canzone Italiana a New York” (Festival of the Italian Song in New York).

“This collaboration inspired me to develop my own TV show called ‘FANCY TALKS’ about fashion & lifestyle, broadcasted in New York every Friday at 5pm ET on Spectrum channel 1993 and digital in Texas on Televiva Houston KVQT-21.4 channel 21.4 ( few episodes of the programs were broadcasted in Italy on 7Gold (Telepadova) ( & on Antenna 7 ( .
I covered some of the most exclusive red carpet events and after parties in New York and around the US such as Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival and Grammys.with being a fashion journalist, Ceccarini has also debuted as a TV Personality, influencer/fashion guru, she appeared on a number of different shows and TV commercials as a guest.

Article by Alessandro Cunsolo
Ph by Ignazio Orellana


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