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TV Host and Journalist Viola Manuela Ceccarini together with Fashion Editor and Kilame designer Pamela Quinzi, covered the 17th Annual Tribeca Film Festival for Livein-Style Magazine for the second consecutive year.

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The program of the festival for 2018 includes 96 movies from 103 different filmmakers, Of the 96 films, 46% of them are directed by women, the highest percentage in the festival's history!!!!  This is certainly an encouraging sign for gender equality across the industry.

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The Italian duo is often involved in women empowerment activity and was more than glad to whiteness this historical moment.
Programmers divide the lineup in sections that include narrative features, international narratives, and docs up for the juried competition, as well as spotlight

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"Our films succeed in being both entertaining and illuminating which is what you desire from great storytellers."

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Speaking of storytelling:
Prolific actor, musician, and comedian Jamie Foxx is a Hollywood triple threat. He chatted with Jacques Morel, Genius News Anchor, to discuss his dynamic career. Perhaps his most iconic role as an actor, his portrayal of musician Ray Charles in the biopic Ray, landed him an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA in 2005.

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The very same year, Foxx was nominated for a second Oscar for his acting in the film Collateral, making him only the second man in history to receive two acting Oscar nominations in the same year for two different roles. In addition to film, Foxx is a GRAMMY award-winning musician, producing four albums that have charted the top ten of the US Billboard 200.

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Recently, Foxx has taken on the dual role of host and executive producer for the game show Beat Shazam, which will have its second season premiere in May on FOX, and he will also be appearing in Robin Hood, scheduled for theatrical release in November.

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See photos:  Viola and Pamela on the red carpet with film director Murray Cumming at the Premier of “Songwriter”, film documentary about Ed Sheeran's life, artist, music. Murray is also Ed's cousin. The documentary was amazing like his music.

Viola and Pamela with Jacques Morel, Genius News Anchor

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Article by Viola Manuela Ceccarini


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