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Domenica 30 Settembre 2018 11:15

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Italian Fashion Designer and Fashion Editor of Livein Magazine Pamela Quinzi was part of the jury for The Fantasia Veneziana Magazine Awards Gala and Cerimony at Zavo New York, together in the jury with TV host and entertainmen/ fashion journalist Viola Manuela Ceccarini, Dmochelle Magazine, Francia Benavides, Usman Tiger Javel, Waskar Medal and David Codrington.

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The event organized by Loredana Owner of Fantasia Veneziana Magazine it’s been an amazing success.

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The judjes had hard time to decide the winners,

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‘So much beauty and talents, for us they are all winners’ says Pamela Quinzi after the event during the media interviews, Pamela, Celebrity designer with years of experience in the fashion world together with Italian Media expert Viola Vivi were enthusiastic to be part of such a beautiful contest.

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Model Zhanna Victoria won Fantasia Veneziana Ms.Cover Model 2018/19 and Gio Delavicci won Fantasia Veneziana Mr.Cover Model 2018/19.

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Congratulations for the 2nd place of Ms. & Mr. Cover Model 20158/19 Claudia Falz & Facu Herlein.

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Congratulation also to Marie Llanos Llanos – West New York Fashion Week & Nuestra Reina Latina USA, Don Pittman – Shoot AThon, Ivy Dominique – Ms. Tourism USA 2018, Regina Smith – Cat Lady.
The awards were presented by hosts Nataljia Liberaracki and Steve Silver.
A great success in New York for Fantasia Veneziana Magazine.

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Special thanks to luxury restaurant perfect frame for the Gala celebration.
Photo Credits: Michael Katlow, Richard Simpson, Dan Arru, Don Pittman, Karl M Lee, Alex Lopez.

Viola Manuela Ceccarini and Pamela Quinzi judges for The Fantasia Veneziana Magazine Awards Gala and Ceremony in New York

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Model Zhanna Victoria won Fantasia Veneziana Ms.Cover Model 2018/19

Host Nataljia Liberaracki with winner Zhanna Victoria and Judge Pamela Quinzi

Gio Delavicci won Fantasia Veneziana Mr.Cover Model 2018/19, phito with Loredana and Nataljia Liberaracki

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2nd place of Mr. Cover Model 20158/19 Facu Herlein

2nd place of Ms. Cover Model 20158/19 Claudia Falz (Right)

Article by Alessandro Cunsolo

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