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Distrigo is also pursuing its international deployment, with 130 hubs distributing these ranges throughout Europe and the company setting up 8 hubs in Turkey.

Service Box Multi-brand, the new multi-brand spare parts online catalogue, is available in 22 languages in 86 countries. Service Box Multi-brand is as easy to use as a website open to the public while boasting the precision of a professional tool. Precise, effective and comprehensive, it allows users to identify the right part quickly together with the associated repair methods and to prepare an estimate in only a few clicks. A mobile version and other functions will be available at the beginning of 2020.

Eurorepar Car Service, the multi-brand maintenance and repair network, voted independent network of the year 2018 in France, is launching new services for its customers and members (B2B label for professional customers, a new online appointment and quote website, multi-brand glazing service) while pursuing its deployment worldwide. The network comprises more than 4,500 garages in 24 countries, an achievement in line with its ambition to reach 10,000 garages around the globe by 2023.

"We are pursuing the deployment of our strategy aimed at meeting the needs of all after-sales customers worldwide, regardless of their purchasing power or the make and age of their vehicle. This 2019 edition of Equip'Auto bears witness to the vitality of the parts and service activities of the #psa Group. Our Distrigo brand is now well established on the market and is continuing to expand its range of products and services intended for all repairers." explains #christophemusy, Senior Vice-President PSA Aftermarket.


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