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Martedì 10 Dicembre 2019 11:45

Backed by 100 years of history including over 90 of them in the light commercial vehicle market (2CV Van, Type H, C15, etc.), Citroën is continuing its story on the theme of ‘The do it all’, launched at the start of 2018.

This 9th Inspired By Pro episode stems from the fact that today, professionals can no longer be satisfied with just being good at their core trade, but must also master human resources, accounting, communication, search engine optimisation, etc. In short, be ultra-versatile! And to do so, they can rely on Citroën commercial vehicles which, through their comfort, their technology and their smart design, know just like them how to bend over backwards to be able to do it all!

This is what the #film produced by Éric Judor expresses, with his trademark off-beat humour. The idea of ‘The do it all’ thrives here via a mischievous setting. Michel, a tradesman, is taking part in a village festival and meets various people. Each one introduces themselves and tells him what their job is. To which Michel always replies “The same!” This is enough to raise some questions: “is Michel making it up?”… But when the tradesman sets off at the wheel of his Berlingo Van, all eventually becomes clear: it is no wonder that he can do it all!

This international campaign makes its TV debut in France on 6 December before being rolled out worldwide in 2020. Produced in 20, 25 and 30-second versions, this #film is also supported by a Social Media package.

A French actor, filmmaker and comedian (the series H, Platane, the film La Tour Montparnasse Infernale, etc.), this is the second production from Éric Judor for Citroën and its agency Traction (BETC Group), following the ‘Citroën C3 – 36 personalisation combinations’ campaign unveiled recently.

In terms of music, Citroën is once again acting as a domestic talent spotter by partnering with the electro-pop duo MonteRosso. Made up of Mathilde and Thomas, both backed by classical training, the group provides airy and colourful #pop, which is both gentle and with catchy melodic riffs. Sensitive and dancy, their track ‘Huacachina’ which features in the commercial vehicle campaign is an invitation to a smooth and sparkling musical journey.

This campaign will support Citroën’s offensive in the commercial vehicle market, with the Brand being a key player occupying 6th place in Europe with 9.3% market share (first 10 months of 2019).


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