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Mercoledì 08 Aprile 2020 16:42

The global corona situation is also having an impact on the #BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

There will be no overall ranking for the 2020 season for #BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s customer #racing competition. This is due to the postponement and cancellation of numerous races in the individual race series that are classified for the Race Trophy.

The Race Trophy has been a key pillar in #BMW Motorrad’s motorsport activities since 2014. Every privateer #BMW rider who competes in a race series classified for the Race Trophy is eligible to take part. A complex rating system sees them awarded points for the Race Trophy overall ranking based on their results in their respective championships. The rider who has picked up the most points by the end of the season wins the Race Trophy. In 2020, there would have been 25 race classes in 21 international and national championships that would have been classified. However, in most of these series, races have already been postponed or cancelled, and further changes to the schedule are to be expected.

“The collaboration with our privateer #BMW riders and teams in the international and national championships is extremely important to us. The Race Trophy brings the entire #BMW Motorrad Motorsport family from around the world together, and this community is really important to us,” says #BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Marc Bongers. “With the Race Trophy, we honour the successes that our privateer racers celebrate around the world. However, the corona crisis is currently having a huge impact on #racing globally. In many series in which the #BMW privateer riders are involved, races have already been postponed or cancelled. At this time it is impossible to predict when the #racing season will be able to start in the countries affected, how many races will actually be able to be held and what the calendars will end up looking like. A fair distribution of points, and thereby equal opportunities, wouldn’t be possible for the overall ranking in this situation. Which is why we have decided that there will not be an overall ranking this season. We believe that the international #BMW Race Trophy family will understand why we have taken this step, and still remain connected with our many privateer riders around the world as a community.”

The technical support for the international #racing customers provided by #BMW Motorrad Motorsport engineers will still be made available this season, where this can be planned.


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