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At the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt, the BMW Group presented itself using a new stand concept featuring an unusual media concept for the first time and since the L.A. Autoshow 2019 with an additional innovative press conference visual design.

Both design & animation concepts were developed and staged together with the communication agency Elastique (Cologne). BMW received a “Brands & Communication Design 2020” Red Dot Award for each one. The Red Dot Award is one of the most internationally renowned design prizes; the jury consists of 40 proven experts from all over the world.

BMW merges real and digital elements at its motor shows.
The future of driving pleasure was the central motif of the new BMW motor show concept at the Frankfurt motor show in 2019. In order to convey this feeling, the designers focused less on facts and figures but on specific materials from the vehicle's exterior and interior instead and shaped these into hyper-real animated statements. Animations, film and sound were combined to dramatic effect on the LED surfaces to be perfectly integrated into the ultra-modern trade fair stand. The BMW Concept 4, one of the most important motor show innovations, was staged using attention-grabbing augmented reality, which also convinced the Red Dot Award jury.

Innovative: modular design system for BMW Group press conferences.

Corporate Communications also chose a new design approach for the press conference and introduced eleven digital, interconnected rooms for the BMW Group and its product and sub-brands. The spatial feeling is created using 3D elements, light and lines. The look and feel of the rooms also corresponds to the respective brand core.

All necessary design & animation elements were produced modularly in hundreds of individual elements. The design system structured in this way allows all contents to be freely combined, reducing production times to a minimum and ensuring high design quality.

Thanks to this flexible system, it was possible to conduct a completely digital press conference from Munich at short notice as an alternative to the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March, in only two days and without any loss of design quality.


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