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Venerdì 14 Febbraio 2014 23:59

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Vertical Race Font Blanca 733

European titles assigned for the Vertical Race. An all Italian podium for the senior category with Robert Antonioli, Manfred Reichegger and Damiano Lenzi.

Laetitia Roux won the gold ahead of Maude Mathys and Claudia Galicia Cotrina. Of the young athletes victory went to Alba De Silvestro and Federico Nicolini (Junior). Ekaterina Osichkina and Davide Magnini won in the Cadets categories. In the Espoir categories victory went to Axelle Mollaret and Anton Palzer.
This morning on the Arinsal (Andorra) snow the European titles for the Vertical Race speciality were awarded. The most exciting and spectacular event was the Senior race, 730 metres of altitude gain in apnoea to win the gold medal. The Italian team was in great shape and half way through the race had three men in command, Manfred Reichegger, Damiano Lenzi and Robert Antonioli, with the German Anton Palzera a few metres behind. On the last "wall" before the straight run that led to the finishing line Manfred Reichegger tried to leave his fellow teammates behind, but his action was immediately neutralized by Antonioli and Lenzi who caught up of him. Then it was Robert Antonioli's turn to revive the action shooting ahead and sprinting toward the arrival banner, Reichegger failed to keep up the pace, while Lenzi tried unsuccessfully to grab the second position. Antonioli closed with a time of 27'14, while Reichegger was second by 1", Damiano Lenzi with a time of 27'24" climbed onto the third step of the podium. Anton Palzer was fourth while Peter Lanfranchi and Lorenzo Holzknecht were fifth and sixth respectively.
Palzer won the Espoir category ahead of Steven Girard and Manuel Merillas Moledo.
In the women's race history repeated itself once again with Laetitia Roux heading, without rivals, toward her umpteenth gold medal. In second place was the Swiss woman Mathys Maude while the Spanish Claudia Galicia Cotrina closed in third place. The home athlete Sophie Dusautoir Bertrand was a little behind with Victoria Kreuzer and Aexlle Mollaret at her side.
Roux crossed the finishing line with her hands in the air, stopping the stopwatch at 32'00", Maude Mathys was second with a 1'25 delay, the Spanish Claudia Galicia Cotrina third with a time 34'40".
In the Espoir category Aexlle Mollaret won before Martha Garcia Farres. The Italian Alessandra Cazzanelli was third.
In the morning in Arinsal the first athletes to set off at 9.30 were the women Cadets, for them the route had an altitude gain of 465 metres. The Russian Ekaterina Osichkina, immediately took the lead, on her tail was the French Fanny Meynet - Cordonnier and the Austrian Verena Streitberger.
The Russian climbed at a good pace, greatly increasing her advantage over those following behind. Osichkina crossed the finishing line in 24'07". Meynet - Cordonnier and Streitberger were second and third respectively.
Of the Cadets the Italian Davide Magnini took a leading position in the race immediately and maintained first place ahead of Nicholas Canclini, just behind him the Belgian Maximilien Drion Du Chapois. Magnini closed his performance with a time of 19'16".
Immediately after the Cadets the Junior categories left, of the girls Alba De Silvestro and Giulia Compagnoni took command, De Silvestro was in great shape, detaching herself from her teammate, a victim of hunger pangs. Adele Milloz was in third position. De Silvestro maintained the first position until the finishing line, closing in 22'37. Compagnoni arrived 1'15" later, while Milloz climbs onto the third step of the podium with a time of 24'41".
Of the Junior males the Italian Federico Nicolini dominated again winning ahead of the Spaniard Oriol Cardona Coll with a time of 29'37. In third position the carrier of the Czech Republic's flag Dominik Sàdlo.
Tomorrow the international athletes will rest because the Font Blanca reserved for the Open categories will be run. The European titles for the Individual Race will be awarded on Sunday morning.


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