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Venerdì 29 Novembre 2013 13:55
Welcome to falketind
Welcome to falketind

Whether you are taking the long route, hiking up, or climbing to get to the very peak, the new falketind products are made for any challenge nature has to offer regardless of weather. 

We're proud to introduce a brand new updated falketind concept on the 30th of November! Selected stores will also hold an in-store competition tomorrow. Show up and you could win a new falketind GORE-TEX® jacket. Click here to find your local falketind dealer.

The new collection is online and in-stores now. 

Magnus Midtbø - Unrepeated

In a huge cave near Santa Linya in Spain, which once used to be the home of Neanderthals, you now find one of the best climbing crags in the world.

Decorated by several climbing routes, “The Neanderthal” stands out as the hardest route in the cave with its 50 meters stretching to the very top. It’s graded to be 9b level of rock climbing, after Chris Sharma first ascended the route in 2009. And it’s yet to be repeated.. 

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