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Music lovers from around the world: I have the pleasure to introduce to you Manuele Carli Ballola, a musician with exceptional talent of the Italian-American music scene.

Stemming from the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, this composer/pianist took his first steps in the music world at the young age of four, exploring the beautiful notes of the opera from works by composers such as Verdi and Puccini.
Today, Manuele has widespread approval from the public and critics for his particularly charming and profound music. He has developed numerous collaborations with Award Winning Directors, TV, international emerging companies, also by signing the soundtrack for the CICAP chaired by the famous journalist-TV presenter Piero Angela.
He is currently a composer for Watly, where with his music accompanies important commercial spots and is circulating around the world on the web.

Manuele, when did your passion for music and how?

My passion was born when I was a child; I listened to a lot of classical music and I was fascinated by it, but it was much later, (I was almost 20) that I decided to take the entrance examination at the Conservatory of Music. I remember that at the entrance exam there were 62 other students, and I was one of the oldest. I wondered what I was doing there, I was terrified. Then incredibly, I took the exam and I came in first place. I couldn’t believe it—it was at that moment that I said to myself that this would become my path in life. From then on, everything became natural and this passion has always taken the upper hand.

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Impressive! So you were not sure to become a pianist until then ?

Exactly, no one in the family was a musician and no one knew the field very well. Apart from my mother and my father, everyone was a little skeptical about my career in music saying that music is more of a hobby than a job.

But now they will start to believe in it, I imagine?

They already have, from when I first came to New York and when I started working for Watly:

That was the point I wanted to get to with you. What was the moment in which you decided to write music for pictures?

The world of cinema has always fascinated me. I love movies and especially the Animation Movie. I always thought how it would be to work in film and documentary and how I could make my contribution in this area. With this spark of curiosity, I started making music for films, commercials, documentaries and to my great satisfaction, to people who enjoyed it.

Great, so now you juggle between piano concerts and compositions I suppose.

Do you have any new upcoming projects?

I’m about to create, with three other talented artists, an art installation that merges video, photography, design and music together through a multi-sensory experience. It will be up to me to create the music for it.

Then there are upcoming new collaborations with Watly and other films projects.

And finally, the upcoming creation of my Soundtrack Company “50Fingers” in Italy and Europe along with 4 other great artists.

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