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LiveIn opens the doors to NYFW 2017 (New York Fashion Week 2017) with its exclusive "kick off party" which saw the presentation of the new Kilame Shoes collection, a show curated by the talented designer & Fashion Editor Pamela Quinzi! The event took place at Sky Room, one of the most glamourous rooftop and lounge bar in Manhattan, characterized by the breathtaking view of Time Square.

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The event was an opportunity to connect and remember the achievements and results of the past years, always with a glance to the future and to the upcoming projects.
LiveIn-Style will continue to represent the Italian excellence in the world and to deliver the best from the world of fashion, entertainment, art, culture, luxury and modern life-style.

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2016 it’s been a year full of surprises, challenges and rewards for our team Livein-Style, formed by experts in the luxury field and high quality products/ lifestyle.

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Livein is a magazine aimed at an educated public, dynamic, interested in the luxury goods and the modern life-style. Each issue is a special issue dedicated to current events, developed through interviews and authoritative comments.

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Among the people to accredit for the realization of this project are certainly Matteo Tornielli president of the magazine, CEO of LIS Srl publishing company, then to Joseph Ralf Fraia, President Sinkrom Corp. as well as managers and editor in chief of livein-Style New York, Viola Manuela Ceccarini (Vivi) , media expert, Pamela Quinzi fashion editor and all the journalists collaborators / columnists of the magazine.

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The partyt was a great success! Thank you to all the guests for participating in the success of the event!

Viola Manuela Ceccarini

photos Daniel Sanchez

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