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Giovedì 09 Marzo 2017 00:38

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Another great “get togheter” event for Livein-Style and all the fashion lovers!

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The Italian-American most notorious magazine is aimed to an educated public, dynamic, interested in the luxury goods and the modern life-style.

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Each issue is a special issue dedicated to current events, developed through interviews and authoritative comments!!

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The event was held at Beautique,the refined restaurant & lounge in NYC, the venue is inspired by Coco Chanel's iconic apartment in Paris.

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Speaking of fashion… Fashion TV was attending for the joy and sake of all our fashionistas.

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The tv channel specialized in fashion is one of the most widely deployed satellite networks in the World.

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The Bible of Fashion and the Encyclopedia of Lifestyle together at Beautique Lounge in NYC.

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Special thanks goes to friend and Fashion TV owner Dimitri Chkheidze & Stefano Sauros pop singer/model for taking part to the event and interviewing our entertainment journalist Viola (ViVi) Ceccarini, CEO Livein/NYC Joseph Ralph Fraia and Pamela Quinzi Fashion Editor with her beautiful Kilame Shoes!!

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The event was an opportunity to connect and have fun! LiveIn-Style will continue to represent the Italian excellence in the world and to deliver the best from the world of fashion, entertainment, art, culture, luxury and modern life-style.

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Livein is excited to introduce you their upcoming projects…stay tuned to discover more!! New York City life only on

By Viola (ViVi) Manuela Ceccarini

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Photo Description: Fashion TV interviews Viola (ViVi) Ceccarini at Livein Magazine’s party in New York

Photos by Daniel Sanchez- Phil Brady & David Salik

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