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ISMF World Cup: Galindo and Harrop Shine in Epic Marmota Trophy Sprint Showdowns

ISMF World Cup
Emily Harrop - ISMF World Cup 2024

Val Martello – In a spectacular culmination of the Marmota Trophy, the fifth ISMF World Cup race of the season, Val Martello witnessed intense battles, thrilling comebacks, and new podium contenders in the sprint prace. The bright day in the alpine setting set the stage for an exhilarating showdown, with France’s Robin Galindo (FRA) emerging victorious after an epic final clash with Spain’s Oriol Cardona (ESP) , while on the women’s race, Emily Harrop (FRA) delivered another magnificent performance to claim the third sprint win of the season.

The sprint race unfolded against the backdrop of a bit of fresh snow during the night, creating perfect conditions for the competitors. Galindo’s strategic brilliance and determination propelled him to the top on the day, on a day that saw him saving some energy during the qualification round but then emerging in second place on his heat. Galindo won his semifinal, as did one of the greatest specialist of the sprint races, Oriol Cardona, with both of them confronting each other only at the final.

A final that had a combination of classic names like Thibault Anselmet or Nicolo Canclini, but also some new faces like Maximilien Drion du Chapois (BEL) or Hans-Inge Klette (NOR). The final battle between Galindo and Cardona ended up with the Frenchman claiming the gold medal, the first one for him this season, and Cardona taking the silver.

Rounding off the podium in third place was Belgium’s Maximilien Drion du Chapois, marking a significant milestone with his first sprint podium of his career.

On the women’s side, Emily Harrop (FRA) demonstrated dominance with a relatively easy victory, claiming her third sprint race win of the season. The podium was completed by Celia Perillat-Pessay (FRA) in second place and Giulia Murada (ITA) taking the bronze, showcasing the depth of talent among the women skimo athletes.

The women’s final saw three French women making it to the final stage, with Lenna Bonell finally claiming the fourth place, followed on the finish line by Johanna Hiemer (AUT) and Marianne Fatton (SUI).

As the Marmota Trophy concluded, the Sprint rankings for the season revealed Thibault Anselmet leading, with Oriol Cardona in second place and Robin Galindo claiming the third spot as things stand today. In the women’s category, Emily Harrop is the current leader of the Sprint ranking, followed by Celia Perillat Pessay and Marianne Fatton.