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ISMF World Cup: Italy claims the victory at the Mixed Relay in Val Martello

ISMF World Cup
ISMF World Cup Val Martello 2024 - Mixed Relay

In a thrilling display of teamwork and athleticism at the ISMF Val Martello World Cup, Italy emerged victorious in the Mixed Relay race, securing their first gold medal of the season. Alba De Silvestro and Michele Boscacci delivered a magnificent performance to claim their first gold medal on the Mixed Relay this season, with Team Austria also making its debut on the podium this year, and Team France rounding up the podium.

The Italian team delivered a stellar performance, showcasing their prowess across the challenging course. The duo demonstrated seamless transitions and exceptional individual efforts, ultimately claiming the top spot on the podium and igniting celebrations among the home crowd.

Team Austria, with Johanna Hiemer and Paul Verbnjak, put on a formidable display, clinching the second position that means a lot for the duo, that after a few fourth places manages to step up on a podium on a Mixed Relay race.

France secured the bronze medal, completing the podium and reinforcing their presence among the top contenders. The French team’s -Axelle Gachet-Mollaret and Xavier Gachet- performance underscored the depth of talent within their ranks, even in the face of strong competition from the host nation and Austria.

Fourth place was for Team Germany -Tatjana Paller and Finn Hosch- while the fifth place on the day was for the Spanish team, that this time had Marta Garcia Farres and Inigo Martinez de Albornoz lining up. The youngest team toeing the start line today, Switzerland’s Thibe Deseyn and Loic Dubois, were sixth.

As the ISMF Val Martello World Cup continues with the Sprint race planned for Sunday, the Mixed Relay race has set the stage for an exciting season, with Italy claiming the first gold and signaling their intent to be formidable contenders. The relay format has once again proven to be a crowd-pleaser, blending individual skill with team strategy, and ensuring that every leg of the race is a riveting chapter in the ongoing narrative of skimo excellence.