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Juan Manuel Correa was fifth in the first race of the GP of Spain FIA Formula 3

Juan Manuel Correa
Juan Manuel Correa - F3 - GP of Spain (Foto RUBIO)

Montmelo -5th position for Juan Manuel Correa, after fighting for the podium throughout the race.

Juan Manuel Correa starred in a great race, fighting for most of it for a place on the podium. He finally crossed the finish line fifth, with the victory of the Spaniard David Vidales, followed by Crawford, Collet, Leclerc and Juan Manuel.

On the grid, Juan Manuel Correa occupied second position behind Vidales and the two held on in their respective places after the start. After the first lap, Correa was still second, 1 second behind the Spaniard. For his part, the championship leader, Frenchman Victor Martins, who was in 7th position on the grid, lost a place after the start.

In the first few laps, Correa held on to second, until due to tire problems, he was overtaken by Crawford on lap 4. In the following laps, Correa was still in third position with Frederick more than a second behind, but Crawford The latter was overtaken by Collet, who began to get dangerously close to Correa, both fighting for the podium for five laps (13 to 17). Juan Manuel holding up the Brazilian driver punished his tires too much and they began to give him problems and he couldn’t stand the harassment of the MP Motorsport driver. Juan Manuel’s defense of the podium was one of the most exciting parts of the race, especially when he withstood the “assault” of Alexander Smolyar, who caught up with the American driver, but went straight into the first corner and lost several positions. . These fights that Juan Manuel had throughout the race caused his tires to collapse in the last two laps. If Caio Collet had overtaken Juan Manuel with three laps to go, shortly after and almost seeing the checkered flag, the Monegasque Arthur Leclerc arrived with the Prema up to Juan Manuel and using the DRS overtook Juan Manuel without complications, who finally finished in fifth position, adding 6 important points in the general classification, which places him in seventh position in the world championship with 20 points.

Juan Manuel was the best ART Grand Prix driver in the race, while in the overall drivers he is the second ART, behind Victor Martins who is fourth in the championship

This is how Juan Manuel saw the race;

“It was a difficult race given the low speed of the car, something that we hope to improve for tomorrow’s race. The goal was to score as many points as possible and we finally got six. Having low speed in the car I had to defend very aggressively and damaged the tires causing understeer and that took its toll on me at the end of the test. We have to make some changes to the car to improve the speed. Tomorrow I start tenth and I hope to overtake some cars and score more points. We were close to the first podium after returning to competition and I hope it will come soon”.

Sunday morning hours

Race 2 10h05 45’ plus one lap.