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Episode two of Team Fordzilla’s TFZ:TV show goes live this Friday on streaming channel Twitch, with a European exclusive preview of the new #ford #rangerraptor #specialedition appearing in a colourful all-action film.

Following on from the ‘Bad-ass’ video that supported the Ranger Raptor’s 2018 launch, the #rangerraptor #specialedition returns to the big screen to deliver new thrills in the latest video titled ‘The Good, The Bad and the Bad-RSE’. Filmed on a Spaghetti Western set, the Raptor evades hostile bandits aided by fellow Ranger models, demonstrating its serious off-road prowess.

The special preview appearance on Ford’s #teamfordzilla TFZ:TV show is no coincidence, as the #rangerraptor has history with gaming. It was the first-ever vehicle to be unveiled at a computer game show – in 2018 at gamescom in Germany – and it has since featured in numerous computer games, including Forza Horizon 4 on the Xbox.

The exclusive airing will be part of the second episode of TFZ:TV, hosted by members of Ford’s #teamfordzilla esports team, and goes live at 20:30 CET on Friday 21st May. You can watch it on this link: https://www.twitch.tv/teamfordzilla.

Full details of the #rangerraptor #specialedition, along with the action video, will be released on Tuesday 25th May at 10:00 CET.


TFZ:TV is a monthly show live-streamed on Twitch and hosted by #teamfordzilla Germany’s captain, Angelo. Joined by a raft of gaming expert co-hosts from #teamfordzilla teams in France, Italy, Spain and the UK, the live show gives sim-racing updates from the month, features latest #ford news and includes special segments designed to inform and entertain gamers. Every episode also includes live gaming, as well as opportunities for viewers to win prizes.

Team Fordzilla

Team Fordzilla launched at gamescom in 2019 going on to find teams of drivers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK, with a team captain selected for each. As well as competing in regional and European sim-racing championships, #teamfordzilla also hosted its own Fordzilla Cup competition in 2020.

Revealed at gamescom 2020 was the #teamfordzilla P1 race car, which was the first virtual racer to be designed in collaboration with gamers and an automaker’s designers. If that wasn’t unique enough, the team revealed a full-scale, real-world model of the vehicle just three months later.


“The new #rangerraptor #specialedition adds even more dramatic style to our ‘bad-ass’ truck, with unique exterior touches and cabin enhancements that make our off-road performance pick-up even more distinctive and desirable. Starring in its own Spaghetti Western movie is the perfect way to demonstrate Ranger Raptor’s outlaw appeal.”

Stefan Muenzinger, manager, #ford Performance, #ford of Europe


· Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/teamfordzilla


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