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Oriol Cardona Coll and Marianna Jagercikova are the winners of the second Sprint race

Oriol Cardona Coll
Sprint race World Cup in Morgins, Switzerland (Foto Maurizio Torri)

The ISMF referees have set a beautiful track in the ski resort of the Swiss region named Dents du Midi. The race has included slight slopes in the uphill phase and a certainly eventful descent where the more technical athletes have been able to make a difference, thrilling the public present on the spot and also the people who followed the race via live streaming. Today there have been many twists and turns, especially in the Senior Women’s race where the competitors in the leading positions have changed several times, in particular in the final rush.

After the qualification rounds and the semi-finals, in the final lap a super Oriol Cardona Coll (ESP) has managed to win, followed by the Swiss teammates Arno Lietha and Iwan Arnold. Among Women, The Slovak Marianna Jagercikova, ahead of Emily Harrop (FRA) and Giulia Murada (ITA), has taken the win.

In the U23 category, Katia Mascherona (ITA) and Florian Ulrich (SUI) have got the gold medals. Patrick Perreten (SUI) and Giovanni Rossi (ITA) reached the second and third position respectively, while the female podium has been completed by the two compatriots Aurélie Avanturier (2° place) Justine Tonso (3° place).

Among U20s, Robin Bussard (SUI) has win over Jon Kistler (SUI) and Marco Salvadori (ITA), achieving the third place after a penalty for the French athlete Noé Rogier. The Swiss Caroline Ulrich has arrived first, while Maria Costa Díez and María Ordóñez Cobacho (both Spanish) second and third.

After this first race of the third WÜRTH MODYF ISMF World Cup’s stage, tomorrow the athletes will have the opportunity to recover their energy and train on the track of the Individual race to be staged on Saturday 29 January. The racers will have to compete on a challenging track with several technical sections as well as steep and narrow couloirs both in the uphill and downhill parts.

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