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As always, the first round of the FIM Motocross World Championship served up a dramatic day of action with our #gasgas Factory #racing riders experiencing both the highs, and lows, of top-flight motocross racing! After a severely damaged fuel tank forced him out of the opening #mxgp #moto, Standing Construct’s #paulsjonass bounced back like the true champ he is to claim third in the second #mxgp race. For our MX2 class rider Simon Langenfelder, the Russian GP ended with ninth overall.

Pauls Jonass claims third in #mxgp race two
Simon Langenfelder puts in two decent rides for ninth overall
GASGAS Factory #racing looking ahead to round two
Pauls Jonass: “It was so nice to be back in the paddock and #racing again. My first time on the #gasgas and it was both really good and, well, not so good! Unfortunately, in the first race I crashed in the first corner, which damaged my fuel tank and the bike lost fuel. I pulled into the pits, and we decided it wasn’t safe to continue. Not a great start but then in race two it all came together. My #gasgas is awesome off the metal start grate so I started up front and just rode a mistake free race. I could have pushed a little harder, but it’s only round one and the track was a little on the sketchy side, so I played it safe. Round one done, one podium, and now onto Matterley Basin in a couple of weeks.”

Pauls’ first #moto was frustratingly over before it really started. A first turn crash severely damaged his fuel tank and after pulling into pit lane, it was decided it was safest not to continue and to regroup for race two. Thankfully, in #moto two a tight line around the first turn saw him right at the sharp end of the race, where he stayed! Battling with Romain Febvre during the early laps, Pauls kept himself out of trouble, put together lap-after-lap of consistent riding, and opened his 2021 #mxgp campaign with a third-place finish.

For our DIGA Procross #gasgas Factory #racing riders in MX2, it was a day of mixed results. Fairing best with an impressive ninth-place overall was Simon Langenfelder. Remaining composed and rubber side down during the early lap chaos in each #moto, the young German put together a consistent pair of results to start his season on a positive note.

For Isak Gifting, arriving in #Russia with an injured foot put the young swede at a disadvantage before the #racing had even started. Following a crash and a 20th place finish in race one, the Swede was eager to turn things around in #moto two. Going well initially, with Gifting running eighth in the early stages of the race, a huge crash resulted in his retirement from the race. Battered and bruised, Isak will be back for round two in the UK in a couple of weeks’ time.

Simon Langenfelder: “I’m really pleased to get round one completed with some decent results on the board. The first few laps of each race were really chaotic, and I lost a few places, but I was smart and when things settled down I could push forward. Ninth overall is a great start to the season for me and the team and a great place to build from.”

Isak Gifting: “I came into this GP with a recent foot injury, so it wasn’t an ideal situation. I crashed in the first race and finished 20th, but then in the second one I had a really big crash and my day was done. Onwards and upwards from here and we have two weeks to be ready to go again in the UK.”

Both Standing Construct #gasgas Factory #racing and DIGA Procross #gasgas Factory #racing will continue their FIM Motocross World Championship campaigns on June 27 at the #mxgp of Great Britain.