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Ski mountaineering has been included in the Winter World Masters Games for the first time



2020 started in the best possible way for ISMF and Ski mountaineering, as two new and unique events were held in January. The novelty is that our sport had never participated in any of them and therefore they were two first times.

Unfortunately, the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games went by too quickly, but they were immediately followed by the Winter World Masters Games.

It certainly was a special and fun occasion for both the athletes as well as the large audience, which had descended on the various ski resorts around Innsbruck.

The participants faced two competitions and were divided into three categories (over35, over45, over55) to allow the fairest possible final ranking.

The Vertical race was held in the late afternoon of Thursday 16th January in the location of Patscherkofel, a spectacular and very suggestive setting. The starry sky and a light breeze in the arrival area accompanied a pleasant evening. The race track included a total positive altitude difference of 950 metres and fairly steep ascents alternated with more level parts, which allowed the athletes (14 Women and 62 Men) to perform without great effort. The award ceremony took place at the departure station in front of a large number of fans from many countries.

After a day off to permit the athletes a short rest, the Individual race was held in the morning of Saturday 18th January in the location of Praxmar, where ski mountaineering is very popular, since there are no ski lifts there. The original track had been modified as the weather conditions were not particularly favourable, causing the Jury to opt for an emergency track including two laps with a total positive height difference of about 1600 metres. Contrary to the day of the Vertical race, the Individual was held under a weak but continuous snowfall, which the participants faced with regularity. On this occasion, the athletes were 80 (13 Women and 67 Men) and the winners were awarded in the finish area in the presence of local authorities and the Winter World Masters Games organisers.


1. Klotz Bernadette (AUT)
2. Mihaylova Ivona (BUL)
3. Ehrenstrasser Caroline (AUT)
1. Varnecke Kirstin (GER)
2. Pasche Cécile (SUI)
3. Simmer Johanna (AUT)
1. Helfenbein-Follmann Regina (AUT)
2. Reindl Theresia (AUT)
3. Secco Roberta (ITA)

1. Caillot Yoann (FRA)
2. Wallner Thomas (AUT) – Voithofer Marcell (AUT)
1. Holzer Manfred (AUT)
2. Turne Joan (AND)
3. Sadurní Roque Xavier (ESP)
1. Bellagamba Alain (FRA)
2. Hurth Reinhard (AUT)
3. Cardona Tarrés Joan (ESP)

1. Mihaylova Ivona (BUL)
2. Haider Yvonne (AUT)
3. Oblasser Barbara (AUT)
1. Pasche Cécile (SUI)
2. Feurle Michaela (AUT)
3. Varnecke Kirstin (GER)
1. Öttl Monika (AUT)

1. Wallner Thomas (AUT)
2. Voithofer Marcell (AUT)
3. Egger Georg (AUT)
1. Antiga Ivan (ITA)
2. Jumere Wilfrid (FRA)
3. Holzer Manfred (AUT)
1. Bellagamba Alain (FRA)
2. Herburger Mario (AUT)
3. Estañol Jaume (ESP)

Full results here: https://www.innsbruck2020.com/en/sport/ski-mountaineering

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