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The ŠKODA #enyaqiv is currently experiencing a successful market launch throughout Europe. Journalists are also getting their first chance for test drives. At the same time, the electric new model from ŠKODA is being introduced online. The online ŠKODA Storyboard platform is available to the press as well as the general public. It offers a series of videos detailing the key characteristics of the fully electric #suv, including the inspiration and philosophy behind its design and Simply Clever features. These
topics are covered by #automotive journalist and influencer #alexkersten in interviews with the ŠKODA experts who developed the #enyaqiv.

Designers Karl Neuhold and Peter Olah give a detailed description of the exterior and interior design of the model based on the VW Group´s MEB electric vehicle platform, project manager Jens Kosyna introduces selected solutions unique to the #enyaqiv, and Jil-Katharina Mahler of ŠKODA Brand Product Marketing discusses not only the car itself, but also the overall ecosystem which makes the #enyaqiv an excellent choice for daily use.

Automotive journalist #alexkersten takes a close look at the #enyaqiv in a detailled video, including a test drive with zero local emissions. In another video, ŠKODA Storyboard offers a quick introduction of the basic technical characteristics of the #enyaqiv in a one-minute glance. Two separate videos feature interviews with designers Karl Neuhold and Peter Olah.

The ŠKODA Storyboard offers the latest news from ŠKODA, and also contains interesting stories on the history and current development of the car maker, including unconventional backstage access to technical development and production. The textual, pictorial and video content is available for download free of charge for media use. ŠKODA Storyboard also contains a specialised Media Room section offering the current press releases from the car maker.