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Vertical race podiums Adamello World Cup

Senior Men Flower Ceremonies - Vertical race - Adamello World Cup (ISMF World Cup)

After yesterday’s Sprint race, the first stage of the WÜRTH MODYF ISMF World Cup in Pontedilegno-Tonale, Italy, continued today afternoon with a very exciting Vertical Race.

The athletes have really demonstrated their professional skills and have competed with great preparation.

The podiums of today’s Vertical race are as follows:
Senior Women
1. Axelle Gachet-Mollaret (FRA)
2. Tove Alexandersson (SWE)
3. Sarah Dreier (AUT)

U23 Women
1. Samantha Bertolina (ITA)
2. Katia Mascherona (ITA)
3. Perrine Gindre (FRA)

U20 Women
1. Grace Staberg (USA)
2. Caroline Ulrich (SUI)
3. Thibe Deseyn (SUI)
Senior Men
1. Rémi Bonnet (SUI)
2. Werner Marti (SUI)
3. Michele Boscacci (ITA)

U23 Men
1. Paul Verbnjak (AUT)
2. Aurélien Gay (SUI)
3. Matteo Sostizzo (ITA)

U20 Men
1. Thomas Bussard (SUI)
2. Robin Bussard (SUI)
3. Anselme Damevin (FRA)

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