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Williams #racing is delighted to announce its participation in #rocketleaguechampionshipseries Season XI, as the team continues to expand its gaming and #esports remit. The team, through its Williams #esports operation, will partner up with UK #esports organisation, Resolve, to take on one of the biggest and fastest-growing #esports titles.

Rocket League, the critically acclaimed video game combining car #racing and football, is enjoyed by over 75 million players worldwide. The title has also proved to be a streaming hit, with one million hours watched per day during the Championship series, and a peak of 264,000 live concurrent viewers on Twitch. Within the game, players can already choose to run the FW43B livery, owing to Formula One’s recently released Rocket League fan pack.

Williams Racing’s entry into the #rocketleaguechampionshipseries Season XI, organised by the game’s publisher, Psyonix, will see opposing teams of three players battle it out over the virtual pitch. The season, running over three Splits (Fall, Winter and Spring), features regional finals in North America, Europe, Oceania and South America, with the aim of holding a Championship Series World Final if travel restrictions allow.

By partnering with Resolve, a fast emerging, UK-based #esports organisation that recently won the UK League Championship and now compete in the Northern League of Legends Championship, #williamsracing will enter the Championship armed with the outfit’s expert knowledge and capabilities.

Tim Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer at #williamsracing, said: “Rocket League has been a topic of discussion around the team for a while now; our people play it; their kids play it – it’s huge. Regardless of whether it’s on track or off it, #williamsracing has an imperative to race and compete, and this is what we’ll be doing with Resolve as we enter the #rocketleaguechampionshipseries Season XI. This partnership is incredibly exciting; Resolve have made an impressive start to life as a competitive #esports team and we’re looking forward to being a part of that as we continue to take on the world of #esports and expand our audience beyond racing”.

Ilias Pajoheshfar, Resolve founder and CEO, added: “We’re delighted to work with such an iconic brand. #williamsracing is a big, big name in #racing and Formula One and we’re huge motorsport fans. The discussions that led to this partnership revealed that we have more common ground than we could have imagined. We share a similar vision and this deal will not only see this partnership enter Rocket League but will also align our mutual values of promoting talent, health, wellbeing and performance. Obviously, this is also an important opportunity in the marketplace but, business aside, #williamsracing are winners. It’s our intention to channel their expertise, fully, into our pursuit of glory in Rocket League.”