20170128112728 MG 3738

20170128112728  MG 3738

Skiing and racing in a fairy tale environment: that’s the first picture of Cambre D’Aze, the ski resort of the Mediterranean Pyrenees, which is hosting the second stage of ISMF world Cup stage.

An Individual today, to explore the high and the wild of the area, and a Sprint tomorrow to fire up the racers. The Individual today was a big challenge for the organizers, too. The Loc, organizing Committee and the Ffme – French mountaineering federatiom, managed to put down some demanding tracks, dealing with heavy snowfall that had delivered tons of powder along the week and a perfect scenery for the racers: because of the avalanche risk, the organizers decided to keep most of the tracks within the ski resort area. Trees loaded with snow and a cloudy sky, smooth as silk, framed the effort of the athletes who had to face four climbs. Two of them were the same for both men and ladies, then the two tracks divided. In total 1645 D+ for the gentlemen, 145 metres less for the girls.
The ladies race was again another magic by Laetitia Roux. According to most of the ladies the key point of the whole track was the biggest ascent with some 700 D+ to be covered in silence and rhythm. There were those who preferred to follow their own pace, and those who feared to be alone up there, losing any comparison with the colleagues. Roux went for it and crossed the line first, followed by the team mate Axelle Mollaret. Third was the Swiss Maude Mathys, back to competitions with a strong confidence, after winning the National champs.
The men races saw a very compact group moving towards the firs climb. Soon Kilian Jornet Burgada and a big selection of the Italian team set the pace and went for the lead. Just two seconds separated the Spaniard and the Italian Lenzi, who crossed the line first, followed by Burgada and by the group of Italians, with Eydallin third, and down the podium, Robert Antonioli and Michele Boscacci. The Swiss William Bon Mardion got the 6th position, followed again by the Italian Federico Nicolini in 7th. Alexis Sevennec from France, another Italian Nadir Maguet and the Austrian Christian Hoffman complete the top ten ranking. “Age is just a figure”, said happily and smiling Hoffman. The Austrian, aged 42, was the “wisest” of the chasing pack. At the end of the race, though, Damiano Lenzi was penalized by the ISMF jury for an infraction during the course. Afterwards the three athletes on podium did not present themselves at the flower ceremony. This resulted in a disqualification of all three athletes according to the rules and regulation of ISMF. Subsequently, Robert Antonioli took first place, Michele Boscacci second, both from Italy, and swiss William Bon Mardion, was awarded third place. After this circumnstance, the ISMF will analyze the matter in the constant process of the assesement of the quality of the races.


Laetitia Roux (FRA) – “It was another great day for me and I am very happy. I did not lead from the beginning and I especially enjoy the tech part of the tracks, both in the flat parts where I managed to gain some terrain, and in the climbs. The descents were super nice with a lot of powder: I loved gliding down those parts”.

Robert Antonioli (ITA): “It was a hard race, with demanding climb and technical section. I am happy about my result, together with the strong performance of the entire Italian team”

For results https://live.mso-chrono.com/live/2017/ismf-world-cup-2-individual-race/
For more info on the resort www.cambre-d-aze.com