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Honda Montesa announces changes to Cota 4RT range


Honda #montesa has announced new changes to its Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica 2017 models – bikes for which the performance has been enhanced each year since launch in 2014.

The first opportunity for the public to get a first glimpse is next weekend (2nd and 3rd of July) in Andorra, at the paddock of the 2 Dies de #trial d’Encamp competition, and they will be available for purchase at the beginning of September.

The biggest change will be seen in the aesthetics of the #cota4rt260: the motorcycle will no longer be red. Instead, it will be an elegant white that combines perfectly with the red and blue details of the aluminum tank, giving the bike a much sportier look. These aesthetic changes can also be notices in the TECH fork, now fitted with a chromed tube and a black leg.

The Race Replica will also feature some changes, such as the location of the ‘M’ for #montesa, now at the rear part of the mudguard, giving the motorcycle more presence whilst keeping the authentic look of the world champion Repsol #honda Team motorcycle, ridden by pilots such as Toni Bou, Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto.

Beyond the aesthetic changes, both models will also feature a longer starter pedal, like the one used on the Cota 300R, which means only one kick is needed to start the motorcycle.

As for the thermodynamic group, both models will keep the reliable 260cc four-stroke engine from last season’s models, which were already improved with noticeable increase in power thanks to the adoption of a new fuel pump that gives the motorcycle more fuel flow. This feature, working together with the ECU* mapping, achieves a fuller power curve, especially at low and middle range. Another great feature of these models is the clear reduction in engine brake, already featured in the previous models, an aspect of the 4-stroke engines that was cleverly fix by Honda’s engineers with a crankcase decompressing system. Through this system, when closing the throttle, engine braking is minimal, so the motorcycle feels much lighter and easier to control.

The Race Replica model will continue to feature the premium front and rear SHOWA suspensions, which are top of the line in the world of #trial. The Cota 4RT260 also features top level suspensions at a more contained price. The front suspension is signed by TECH, the rear one is a light multi-adjustable R16V damper, a package of high efficiency that also contributes to giving the motorcycle an overall lighter feel.

Available: September 2016
Price: TBC

*The versions of the models manufactured without homologation ( 3ED and 4ED Type) , called Full Power (for exclusive competition use), feature all these novelties as well as an ECU with a double ignition map activated though a switch on the handlebar. This way, the rider will be able to select a second map for lower grip conditions on top of the standard one. Models for Eurpean markets ( Type ED and 2ED) may equip an ECU with double ignition map as an original accessory.