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Ironman 2012


Carla Stampfli won Ironman 70.3 Pucon

Luck runs. Sometimes it helps you and sometimes not. Usually when it is not, in the triathlon, it happens in the middle of the race, along the bike leg.


Carla Stampfli sul podio di Pucon



Daniel had a flat tire during the cycling course, ten minutes left on the road, that are not few.  So the favourite of the race  “mas linda del mundo” is forced to  chase and despite a great run he finished at 7th place.  Brasilian Manocchio won, in front of his fellow-countryman Ascencio and the American Lovato.

1. Guilherme Manocchio (BRA) 4:01:59
2. Santiago Ascenco (BRA) 4:06:32
3. Michael Lovato (USA) 4:07:15
4. Lucas Cocha (ARG) 4:08:09
5. Mario De Elias (ARG) 4:10:16
6. Ben Hoffman (USA) 4:10:36
7. Daniel Fontana (ITA) 4:12:08
8. Andres Sorensen (NA) 4:21:30
9. Felipe Aguayo Paul (NA) 4:21:48
10. Christopher Pons Kosky (NA) 4:31:28



Luck runs.  Although in reality to win you need class, talent and preparation. Carla knows something about it. From swimming, even Olympic,  she’s passed to triathlon, even for love, and slowly grew up. Even in the distances. Until she get to 70.3, and finally won.

Right in the race that was waiting him more than her. “Carlita” did not get any chance for her rivals, first after the swimming, has flown on her new Kuota Kalibur doing the best time also on the wheels, and then 21 km in 1h35’05 ”, even there the first time. 2’20″ ahead of nearest opponent, the Chilean Carvalho, behind them Gollnick and Lovato, two strong Americans.

1. Carla Stampfli (ITA) 4:38:03
2. Valentina Carvallo (CHI) 4:40:23
3. Heather Gollnick (USA) 4:46:46
4. Amanda Lovato (USA) 4:52:15
5. Ariane Monteceli (BRA) 5:01:15