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Start of European Ultimate Club Season 2024

European Ultimate Club Season
European Ultimate Club Season - Spring Tour Brno

The European Ultimate Club Season (EUCS) is a prominent annual competition that brings together the top ultimate frisbee clubs across Europe.

The European Ultimate Federation organises the season and features several key events structured to showcase high-level play and promote the sport across the continent. The Club Season is played equally for all three divisions Mixed (both male-matching and female-matching are playing on the same team), Open (mostly played by male-matching but open for everyone), and Women. Each team collects points throughout the regular season to qualify for the Championships Final at the end of September.

Structure of the Club Season
The EUCS is divided into several phases, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for the participating teams:

1. Spring Tour: This initial series of tournaments marks the beginning of the regular season. Teams from different countries compete in multiple locations across Europe. The Spring Tour is crucial for teams as it sets the tone for the season and provides initial points essential for qualification and seeding in later events. Brno (CZE), Grenoble (FRA), London (GBR), Malmö (SWE), and Padova (ITA) host these first tournaments on the weekend of April 20th – 21st, each location adding its unique flavour to the competition.

2. Elite Invite: Following the Spring Tour, the Elite Invite is a more selective event where the top 8 teams from the 2023 season compete. This event further refines the rankings and prepares teams for the heightened competition. The event will take place in Leuven (BEL) from May 10th – 12th.

3. Summer Tour: Expanding on the momentum built earlier, the Summer Tour involves a series of tournaments like the Spring Tour. They are pivotal for final qualifications to the Championships Finals. This phase is critical as it determines the ultimate lineup for the season’s climax. This concludes the regular season and is the final opportunity to gain ranking points and make the cut to the Top 16 Teams invited to the Finals.

4. Championships Finals: The season culminates with the Championships Finals, where the 16 highest-ranked teams in each division battle to be crowned the European champions. This event not only highlights the peak of club competition in European ultimate but also attracts significant attention from fans and media alike.

Media and coverage
The EUCS events are widely covered, with live scores and streaming services provided through dedicated platforms (https://eucs-schedule.ultimatefederation.eu for live scores and https://live.ultimatefederation.eu for livestreams). This accessibility ensures that fans and supporters can follow the action closely, even from afar. With the partnership of EUF with Solidsport, the coverage of streamed games was expanded tremendously. From 81 games streamed in 2023, the Spring Tour alone features more than 85 games.

More details about the Spring Tour
This year’s Spring Tour is characterised by a mix of anticipation and unpredictability. Besides lots of well-known clubs and, of course, the expected favourites per division, several teams are making their first appearance, while others return after a hiatus. The competition is ripe for the emergence of new winners and the rekindling of old rivalries. The mixed division especially features a lot of new faces in the European scene. It will be exciting to see who will fill up several spots that seem to have opened up, as traditionally strong mixed teams Grut (NED), SMOG (GBR), KFUM Örebro (SWE), Monkey (FRA) and Catchup (AUT) this season transition to women’s and/or open.

Brno has an open division of 10 teams. It has a strong selection of former East region clubs such as 3SB (CZE), FWD>> (AUT), Outsiterz (SVK), thebigEZ (AUT) and Panthers Wroclaw (POL), but also KFK (DEN) and KFUM Örebro (SWE).

In Grenoble, we’ll see a women’s division of 10 teams and an open division of 18 teams. Grut (NED) is making their women’s division debut in Grenoble next to ‘23 champs BFD Shout (ITA), FABulous (SUI), Tequila Boom Boom (ITA) and JetSet LUV (BEL). The very big open division will further show us Tchac (FRA), Heidees (GER), Iznogood (FRA), XVI (IRL), Flying Angels Bern (SUI), Freespeed (SUI), Smash’D (GBR) and Solebang (SUI), amongst others.

London features a strong lineup in the women’s division of 10 teams with Gravity (IRL), Mooncup (BEL), Seagulls (GER) and the top of the GBR clubs such as Iceni, Bristol, SYC, Spice and for the first time SMOG.

Malmö has a mixed division of 8 teams with home team Malmö Ultimate, as well as the German squad NullAcht! (GER), Pelt (IRL), Glasgow Ultimate (GBR), DTU (DEN) and Savage Ultimate (POL).

Finally, Padova has some very strong participants in the open division of 10 teams, including Mooncatchers (BEL), La Fotta (ITA), Ranelagh (IRL), Bad Skid (GER), Cotarica Grandes (ITA), and Panthers Bern (SUI). Its mixed division of 15 teams will give us a first glimpse of ‘23 champions Deep Space (GBR). Frubb (GER), PUC (FRA) and a large contingent of Austrian clubs Mosquitos, Zombees and Wunderteam and the ‘return’ of former top team Colorado (GER).

Check out the full list of teams per tournament: https://eucs.ultimatefederation.eu/spring-tour

For enthusiasts keen on following the action without missing a single assist, live scores will be easily accessible at https://eucs-schedule.ultimatefederation.eu, a hub for real-time updates and match outcomes. Fans can immerse themselves in the games through live streams at https://live.ultimatefederation.eu. With the support of our partner Solidsport and the collaboration with Ulti.tv, selected matches will benefit from expert commentary, enriching the viewing experience for fans.

Furthermore, on Monday, April 22nd, the show “In or Out” will dive into the results of these first tournaments, providing team rosters, analysis of rankings and the impact of these early games on the season’s landscape. Get all the information about the ranking system here: https://ranking.ultimatefederation.eu

Club Season overview: https://eucs.ultimatefederation.eu
EUF: https://www.ultimatefederation.eu