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The ISMF embarks for the future with new vision, mission and core values


The ISMF Plenary Assembly has recently adopted the federation’s new vision, mission and core values by a large majority, defining the strategic framework of the federation for the years to come. The ambition is to become the platform for all ski mountaineers around the globe – from the elite athlete to the recreational sportsperson.

The ISMF is excited about this clear confirmation by its national member federations, and it is convinced that it will create the foundation for a beneficial development of the ISMF as well as the ski mountaineering sport represented by its vibrant community. Thomas Kähr, the ISMF President says: “This milestone has been achieved with the support and the contributions of the strategy work group, the ISMF Council and delegates of the member federations. It is a clear confirmation of the high trust base inside our federation and the will to grow our worldwide sports community.”

According to its new vision, the ISMF will evolve stepwise from the today’s elite competition sports centric body to an extended business model as “the global platform to develop and promote recreational and competitive ski mountaineering and its values”.

The derived mission will include the high-quality international races as its existing activity, the systematic sports development and the creation of a unique digital services and communication platform in order to connect the global ski mountaineering community.

To complete the strategic framework, the ISMF Plenary Assembly has defined five binding core values representing the fundamental beliefs upon which all activities and the behaviour of ISMF’s representatives will be based. Thomas Kähr, the ISMF President says: “These values will contribute shaping the unique profile of the federation. They will be important in the daily leadership, and everyone acting for the ISMF will be held responsible for them.”

The decisions of the Plenary Assembly have set the starting point into a demanding and hopefully promising journey which will consist of defining the right priorities and projects of implementation. A thorough planning and the necessary operational tasks have to be established and defined in order to bring the strategic direction to life.

For more info www.ismf-ski.org

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