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The next Ski Mountaineering World Cup will take place in Val Martello (Bolzano – Italy)

In Val Martello everything is ready to welcome the new stage of the ISMF World Cup, with the famous Marmotta Trophy in its 12th edition and two competitions scheduled on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February 2021. The event will necessarily and dutifully be carried out in full compliance with the anti-Covid rules, with the creation of the so-called “bubble” to guarantee and protect health and safety of the athletes and the entire Local Organising Committee.

The registrations are now official, counting 13 nations present in Val Martello, despite the restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. There will be all the protagonists of this season with prominent names, starting from the World Cup French leaders Thibault Anselmet and Axelle Gachet-Morallet.

The Sprint race will see Thibault Anselmet as the man to beat, but there will also be some Italian athletes who will play on the “home” factor, such as Robert Antonioli, in 5th position in this Specialty Cup.

All the female protagonists of the World Cup are confirmed, with Axelle Gachet-Mollaret on the front line to defend her leadership from the Swedish opponent Tove Alexandersson, who chases her with 23 points of difference. Also the two Italian athletes Ilaria Veronese and Alba De Silvestro will be at the starting line.

On Saturday morning, the Sprint race will begin at 9:00, with the start/finish area located at the Biathlon Centre “Grogg” in Val Martello. The track of 1 km will include a unique ascent, in which there will also be a part on foot, with a subsequent transition and a descent that will conduct the competitors into the heart of the Biathlon Centre.

On Sunday morning, the Individual race will take place starting again at 9:00, with tracks and distances different for each category: 18,5 km and 1.900 m of altitude difference for Senior and U23 Men, 15,2 km and 1.590 m of height difference for Senior and U23 Women and U20 Men, while 12,75 km and 1.180 m of altitude difference for U20 Women. The start will be at the ex-Hotel Paradiso (altitude of 2.088 m) and there will immediately be an ascent towards the Rifugio Nino Corsi (2.700 m). To follow, the descent will take the athletes down to the valley, where it will be again time to put the skins under the skis and climb back up to the Rifugio Martello (2.600 m). From here, the tracks will branch off into three variants: Senior and U23 Men will go to the glacier “Hohenferner” (3.000 m), under the “Marmotta Peak”, which gives the name to the event, before climbing down. U20 Men, Senior and U23 Women, instead, will face a short uphill section and then descend in turn. At the end, U20 Women, once arrived at the check-point of Rifugio Martello, will immediately go down. Once at the transition area, a flat section will precede the third ascent of the day towards “Schran Peak”. From here, there will be a part on foot (200 m of altitude difference), which will anticipate the penultimate section to be faced with the skis on. Once at the top, the hardest efforts will be over, with a long descent that will bring the athletes closer to the finish line with a final section with the skis on.

Marco Mosso, ISMF Vice-President Marketing & Communication, comments: “I am very excited for this new ISMF World Cup event, representing the second Italian stage in the current competitive season. I strongly hope that the races will be run in the best possible way, in a season that is definitely different from the previous ones. I firmly believe in a great and healthy spirit of competition of our athletes, with the achievement of their final goals.”

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